Living room ideas!

Yes, I know, I do enjoy a good Pinterest board and I like to share ideas – so sue me!

The time has come to actually get down to business and paint my living room so I figured I’d do a little pre-decoration blog post and share what I’m planning [or hoping to plan] before we do the whole thing.

If you follow me on Instagram you will probably have seen my recent pictures of paint options. Here it is just in case you don’t want to go over there now and, thus, break the reading flow:

Dulux paint

Because we have a dado rail around the living room we [me & my boyfriend!] are looking to go for the whole two-colours-too-cool-for-drool thing and so, being the terrible planner that I am, I ran into the DIY store at the weekend and picked up two colour choices because I refuse to have too many options and I like things to be decided quickly and then just done!

The first option is a light cream on top with the mint macaroon colour on the bottom of the wall. To me this is total countryesque, quirky, peppy and adorable and will really go well with what I’m planning with the kitchen. I’m hoping it will look something like:

mint walls


mint walls


It’s difficult to get a picture of how I want my actual living room [!] but these kinds of cool green/blue are dreamy.

The second options is to go with grey. I’m on the fence with grey. I love it in pictures and other people seem to make it work but I fear I don’t own enough chic items to pull it off. Here is some inspo though:

grey walls


grey walls


I’m, as of the moment, undecided on which direction to go in! I think they both have the ability to look really cool but also really bad?

Let me know what you think – have you used these colours before? Do you have success stories [please tell] or horror stories [please tell, even more]?







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