Blog Roll Call – part 3!


It’s been a long while since I told you about some of my favourite bloggers so I figured why not give you another reason to read some cool blogs?

Over the past year I’ve found some cool gals who I always enjoy popping over to see on the internetz so without further ado:


A blog run by a northern girl who, in her full time job, runs museum events and, in her spare time, blogs and vlogs about culture and travel.

writes like a girl

A blog run by an Austin-ite about fashion and body positivity. Nicole is not only witty but is basically one of my style icons!

breakfast for dinner

Linked to Writes Like A Girl – Nicole and her friend, Dago, run this podcast which covers everything under the sun. Just two friends chatting and I’m all about it!

mailbox mermaid

Keely runs a lifestyle blog which focuses on her style and her love of letter writing! She loves stationary and good old snail mail and I enjoy it, a lot!

more than greens

Run by Sarah, who writes about the vegetarian lifestyle; food, nature, travel and beauty. I’ve only recently found her but I love the whole look of the blog and her conversational writing style.

Make New Friends

Ok, so this is both a blog and a podcast but it’s so good! Run by Mary and Sienna, who both dabble in Youtube as well, the two talk about different aspects of friendship, what it means to them and how it changes from childhood to adulthood. There’s also a side-blog which is written by guest bloggers. It’s pretty damn good!


Hopefully you have a look around these blogs and, if you like them, follow them for more!



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