F.R.I.E.N.D.S – The set tour (A.k.a FriendsFest!)

I feel like there should be more set tours available in the world. Not only have I had the pleasure of visiting the Harry Potter set this year but I’ve now had the experience I didn’t even know was possible; touring the sets of everyone’s favourite sitcom; Friends!


Yes, this is a thing! FriendsFest is a touring event which gives you the chance to look around Central Perk, Monica and Rachel’s apartment and Chandler and Joey’s apartment! I mean… what?

I had no idea what to expect when my best friend bought me a ticket for my birthday – I purposefully didn’t look at it on the internet or do any research because I felt like it would ruin the whole event. I’m glad I didn’t know what to expect. It was all kinds of kooky-crazy with a little bit of WOW thrown in for good measure.

Rather than explain it all I’ve picked out some of my favourite photos from the day. Watch out for me looking ever the idiot in pictures!

FriendsFest Mocklate Sandwich standMoondance diner

First of all – you walk in and it’s just a field with tents and stalls but look closer and you have The Moondance diner, My Sandwich, and the Mockolate stand. All fun food stalls selling great grub which is all New Yorky, Friends themed fun. I even heard someone got Ross’s Sandwich at My Sandwich – complete with the moist maker.

Friends outfitsThe one with the prom NYC taxi cab Moondance cafe

Also dotted around were places you could just take pictures and have fun. My favourite had to be the Prom booth. I actually suited the Ross outfit so much I’m thinking of totally switching up my style and going for tuxedo’s from now on, complete with the Casio accessory.

Best friend FriendsFest FriendsFest

The weather was pretty nice so we got to sit outside with a little glass of prosecco and watch some clips from the show – most of which I still laugh out loud to – and watch people play ‘Could I BE Wearing Anymore Clothes?’; a game more fun to watch than it should be. Putting on as many items in 60 seconds is actually exciting to watch.

Central perk Central perkCentral perk Central perk Smelly catCentral perk Central perk Central perk Central perk Central perk FriendsFest Central perk Central perk FriendsFest Central perk

Central perk

Of course I had to pose in Central Perk. I feel like my and my FRIEND [chuckle] look like we belong on the orange sofa, right? We were actually going to pretend to be having a conversation but then we actually started talking because we never seem to stop. This natural-ish picture of us is actually a firm favourite.

It was actually strange and funny to pose in the staged areas because the place was full of people and everyone was waiting for their turn to do the same so it was almost like being in the show – it felt like everyone was watching. Thankfully I’m a natural actress, darling.

FriendsFest Holiday armadillo Joey tribianiFriendsFest

Before our ACTUAL set tour [because all the previous pictures were just out in the open] we went into a room where they had actual props and outfits. It was fun to see them but, honestly? I just wanted to see the main rooms. They didn’t disappoint.

Friends apartment FriendsFest Chandler and Joey's

At first it’s kind of like a mad house as everyone tumbles into the rooms and tries to take pictures in and among a group of strangers but eventually everyone steps out so you can take the money shots!

Friends apartment Chandler and Joey's

It was funny – I’ve obviously seen the rooms so much during my life that being there, whilst amazing and strange, didn’t seem so out of the ordinary. I felt like I’d been there before. Everything was familiar!


Even sitting in this hallway was normal-seeming. What wasn’t normal was the crowd watching, waiting their turn! Also; I checked. Not a crumb of cheesecake ANYWHERE!

FriendsFest Monica and Rachel's Monica and Rachel'sMonica and Rachel'sMonica and Rachel'sFriendsFest Bye bye birdy

Monica and Rachel’s apartment was the most familiar and also not. You know when you see something so much you miss things? Me and my friend couldn’t ever remember the kitchen being blue but turns out it is! Also; appreciate the acting at the window [looking at Ugly Naked Guy] and in the kitchen [cooling down, obviously].

FriendsFest FriendsFest

It was the most difficult to get good pictures of this room, even empty, as people were hastily trying to take their own pictures before leaving. I wish I’d gotten better ones but never mind!

FriendsFest FriendsFest

Our final stop was to recreate the opening scenes. I think we did a pretty decent job!


Despite it not being a huge place and there only being a few places to really check out I could have stayed there longer than the three hours we were there. I could have eaten and drank far more and taken WAY more pictures in the costumes. Luckily for them, though, they had to close it up so we vacated the premises with umbrellas and a Central Perk t-shirt.

It was a great experience and I’d definitely go again if it comes back next year! Have you ever been or have you even heard of it? I couldn’t recommend it more if you’re a huge fan!



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