Vegan Mushroom Risotto / Recipe

I’ve been getting really good at risotto recently. It’s always something I struggled with, despite being a decent cook, because I didn’t have the patience to wait for the rice to soften but now I’m nailing it every time.

I always make mine vegan but I do add chicken to my boyfriends plate once it’s all cooked so it’s obviously changeable. I also can’t use garlic because I’m allergic [pray for me].

So here is my simple risotto recipe!

Ingredients: 2 cups Risotto rice, mushrooms, onion, bell pepper [colour of your choosing], chilli pepper [of your choosing], radishes [because I had them in my fridge], 1 glass of white wine [not pictured], 1 pint of vegetable stock [also not pictured… because I wasn’t really prepared, ok?].

risotto ingredients


Dice all your ingredients! Now, I also don’t use oil when I’m cooking so here’s a side note. Most recipes will tell you to cook your onion in oil and then add your risotto until it’s see through and then add everything else. As I don’t use oil [stomach issues – pray for me] I cook the mushrooms first because they release their own liquid. I then put in the onions and then I add the risotto to that until it’s slightly see-through!

chopped mushroomsChopped onions

Once it looks good stir in all your other ingredients and then slowly start to add your liquid. A ladle full at a time.

You want to add another ladle full each time the mixture has soaked it all up. I also add wine throughout just for fun!

All you need to do, then, is keep going until all your liquid has been added. KEEP STIRRING IT. I still constantly because otherwise it likes to stick to the bottom of my pan… if you have better pans than me you might be ok!

You’ll know once it’s done as the rice will be soft/ chewy. You can also add salt and pepper to taste.

Cooking risottoRisotto on plate


Whilst this one didn’t look great [because I used a lot of mushrooms and didn’t use colourful veg] it tasted amazing. You can play around with whatever vegetables you like. I’m just a HUGE fan of mushrooms.


If you have any nice vegan recipes please feel free to share them! I cook from scratch pretty much 5 nights a week and I’m always looking for new stuff to try!




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