2017 goals – half year review!

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I know it’s stupid to say ‘I can’t believe it’s already July’, however, I can’t believe it’s already July! What?! Maybe it’s getting older which makes time speed up? It’s a scary thought but also reinforces the fact that you really shouldn’t put things off!

So, where am I up to with my 2017 goals? I’m glad you asked.

Draw and sell pictures on Etsy

I’m hesitant to do it. I have a few items to sell just for fun but I have that niggling feeling of ‘what’s the point? No one will buy them’ – which is an awful mindset to have and one I’m sure a lot of creative people will understand. 

Keep looking for an literary agent

Still ongoing. Not because I’ve not heard back but because I haven’t reached out to anyone yet. My writing has felt stagnant this year. I am still going to do it, though, as it’s literally my livelihood on the line. 

Finish Etta Part 2 [title to be revealed later] and self publish

Ongoing. Urgh. Like I said; writing has been stagnant. 


I’ve been doing it off and on all year and I’m happy with my flexibility! 


Not been out on the streets but I’ve been on it and everything so… one day I’ll be off on adventures. 

Keep looking for a new job

I can tick this off the list! YES!!! I found a new job earlier this year and started in June. All good on this front!

Spend more time with friends

I feel like I’ve seen my friends quite a bit this year but there’s so many people who I have let slip through the cracks. I’ll keep trying to do better!

Read more

I have read a lot more recently. I’m not on track for 50 books this year AT ALL, however, I’ve dived into a load of books recently and I’m going to the library this week to get a few more. 

Run again

I’m winning on this one as well! I have started training to run 10k. Not for a particular event, just to run 10k without stopping because that’s the farthest I’ll ever want to run in my life so why not do it now? I’m actually really enjoying running again so I’m glad I did it. 

Take more breaks

I’ve been to London recently and I have a trip to visit a friend next week – it’s not far away but it is a day out of the office just for fun [blog post will follow, I promise it will be good!] so that’s a start. Obviously taking breaks costs money, which no one has, but I’m proud of myself for taking time away! I might try again later this year!  

Finish the office

It’s… no way near done. That being said I’m looking at paint colours this month!

Make more blog connections

I’m not good at this. I don’t really know where to start doing this! If you’re reading this and you write a blog and have ideas on how to collaborate etc. please let me know because I’m clueless. 

Work on my ‘brand’

I hate using the term ‘brand’ for this blog but it’s terminology which reminds me how important it is to be cohesive. All of my social media is now under Pretty Thoughtful Blog and I’ve cut back on some platforms that weren’t serving me so I’m happy to say this is done!


I love having a set of goals to work towards. Most probably because I love making lists and ticking items off! Do you make lists or have year goals? If so link me to them or let me know how you’re getting on!


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