Silver Hair // Jerome Russell Silver review

In the words of Britney… She’s so lucky, she’s a star.

No, I jest; Oops I did it again was where I was going with that but it seemed too obvious.

If you’ve been following me on Snapchat or Instagram you’ll have noticed I bleached my roots and am going towards silver/ grey hair. It’s always my aim to get as silvery grey as I can get and I finally used the Jerome Russell Silver toner which I’ve had for a while but was always a bit hesitant to use.

Mostly it was because I’ve used the blonde toner before and whilst it’s good and cheap (£4.49) it’s not the best for all over colour. If you have thick hair you would need to buy two bottles. As my hair is now so short and I had one bottle of the stuff I decided to give it a go.

After I used the Manic Panic bleach kit on my roots (my number 1 bleach!) I towel dried my hair and covered my hair in the silver toner. For a start I love you can use it on damp hair – most toner I’ve used you have to totally dry your hair before use and it’s tiring to say the least.

They say to only leave it on for 30 minutes and I usually leave product on my hair for a lot longer than recommended as my hair isn’t porous at all but after 30 minutes I could actually see it had changed my hair so I rinsed it out and… it’s pretty decent!

It has taken to the lightest parts of my hair really well. I always have parts of my hair the bleach doesn’t get all that well, despite it being the parts of my head the bleach is on the longest (part of my roots), so I do have some parts that are still a little bit yellow. Despite that I’m actually happy with what it’s done to my hair!

Jerome Russell SilverDSC_0076

Jerome Russell Silver
Robot arm – had to put this picture in!
Jerome Russell Silver
Some of my roots are still a little bit golden.
Jerome Russell Silver
This part of my hair never loses the golden hue. I seriously don’t know why!


All in all – recommended if you need a cheap toner. The coverage isn’t amazing and I would recommend two bottles but it does lighten you hair a lot!!




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