4 pitfalls of being vegan

When I became a vegan I wondered whether I would shed a few lbs because I was cutting out cheese and milk. The thing I realized quickly was that even before I had turned into a vegan monster I had already mostly cut those food groups out of my life anyway so it wasn’t that big of a difference for my body to get used to!

Whilst I can say one of the highlights of eating a plant based diet is I’m not TIRED anymore. I mean, I’m tired because I love to sleep but I’m not physically tired like I sometimes felt I was [tiredness can also be caused by not taking time to stop and put projects to one side… apparently].

What I did find, however, was I felt like I wasn’t healthy. I know, it sounds strange. Eating vegetables and not feeling healthy?

Sadly there is vegan junk food and just because animal products do not taint it it doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

It’s not like I was eating crisps and chocolate all the time. Far from it! I did find other pitfalls, though, which made me feel like I was ballooning [even if I might not have been].


  1. BREAD: Oh guys I can eat bread for every meal all day every day and not care but it really doesn’t lend itself to a healthy-ish diet. I go through phases. I’m not saying don’t eat bread. I could never say that, it’s the love of my life, but for me – eating it all the time was making me feel sluggish.
  2. OLIVE OIL: You may wonder why this is an issue. Everyone knows oil is ‘bad’ for you if you’re trying to be healthy. Honestly, I’ve been told by a dietician to add more oils to my diet but I can’t do it in the form of olive oil, no matter how healthy it is because it really makes me feel ill afterwards and it makes me feel heavy.
  3. ICE CREAM: It’s been hot recently and there’s this brand of vegan ice cream called Swedish Glace and it’s better than any icecream you’ve ever had. I like it with almond butter in it or oreos and coconut shavings. SO GOOD. But not good for you, sadly. I’ve just started making my own icecream from frozen bananas instead so that I at least can say I was eating fruit!
  4. MEAT SUBSTITUTE: Quorn, tofu, soya… all great if you want to add something stodgy to your diet BUT I always find that when I do have these things I make way too much of it and, thus, overeat. Because I think it’s healthier. It’s not.


I would never ever suggest you shouldn’t eat any of the things above, however, for me I am trying to get to a point where I FEEL healthy inside and out. Eating the above in excess wasn’t making me feel good psyically.

Ever since I cut back on the little things and started snacking on fruit and veg again I feel great.

There’s a direct link to what you put into your body to what you get out of your body; be that training for fitness or good mental / body health. So whilst I’m BoPo [because you DON’T have to be any other body type than your own] I’m also an advocate for healthy body and mind balance. For me, that’s where the food comes in.




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