Where have I been?

stairs in parkSunlight through treesCarved tree stumpIvy covered tree trunk

Not away, that’s for sure, these pictures are from my walk home from work the other day. I’m sharing them with you because it perfectly segways into the reason I’ve taken a few weeks off from blogging – I’ve changed jobs!

I have mentioned it on other social media and potentially here (?) before but I’m now three weeks into the new career and loving it.

My last job, which I was in for 10 years, was doing admin type work mixed in with customer services, client relationship management, project management blah blah blah. Which was fun for a while and filled with great people but at the end of it all I wasn’t being paid that much, there was no real scope for getting more money and the responsibilities were being pilled on year after year. I’m sure you know the drill if you work in an office!

Blogging and writing was always a great escape from that life. I was able to go home and do something FUN. FOR ME. It didn’t take away the mental anguish of being stuck in a job that wasn’t helping me grow as a human, however, it did help me manage said anguish better.

Looking back over the past 3 weeks working in my new job I have loved going to work and doing new things and learning so much about the internet (which has been an obsession of mine since Teen Chat days) but when I’ve been getting home I’ve been tired (that’s mostly due to hay fever – it’s been kicking my ass and making me drowsy) and unmotivated to do anything creative at home.

I finally realized WHY. Because I don’t need to do creative projects to escape the mundane job I used to have! Wow, I know – what a revelation. But it’s true. I have been mentally beating myself up for not wanting to turn my computer on when I get home and go through blog posts (which I have been writing but not posting) and not finishing stories and not emailing agents and not setting up my Etsy shop…

I know I could remain on this inactive train for a while whilst I enjoy creativity at work but that was never the plan and now I’ve given myself some psychoanalysis and found where the brain-worm has been hiding and it’s time to laser that thing out.

Yes. I’m back. And actually starting to feel more creative than ever!




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