My first time using Airbnb!

I did it. I popped my AirBnB cherry.

When I went to London, for my birthday [what’s this? The previous post all about THE HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR?], my and my boyfriend decided to stay in an AirBnB apartment instead of trying to find a good, affordable, hotel in the area we wanted to stay.

I’m sure you know London is pretty vast. It’s a great city but it’s expensive and there are some bad areas and even worse hotels [trust me, I’ve stayed in them], so despite it not really being any cheaper in an apartment I at least got to pick a place based on REAL pictures of the rooms and REAL reviews from the folks who had stayed previously.

This is the place we picked, just for reference:

cool apartmentcool apartmentrecord playerrustic kitchencool storagefireplace with mirrordesk space

As you can see, I picked a pretty cool place just off Portobello road.

I suppose you’re wondering if it all went well and if I’d use Airbnb again? Because I TOTALLY would. I don’t know if I’d ever stay in a hotel again, really. I’ve never been one for hotels, I don’t know why. I feel like I have to follow rules – what time you can eat breakfast. What time you have to leave so they can clean you room etc. I dislike it! Especially when they insist on cleaning your room and taking your towels every day which is a total waste of resources!

Rant about hotels over, I LOVE the fact you get to stay in places that have as much or as little character as you’d like. You can see the totally honest reviews from the people who have stayed before and you are in total contact with the owner all the time, which means you can ask them for help if you need it. The whole deal runs off the back of reviews and both the owners of the property and the ‘renters’ are on the chopping block. Bad service? Bad review and people are less likely to stay. Bad tenant? You might not get to stay in another person’s home in the future! I like it! I’m sure people have had bad experiences but I really enjoyed the experience.

I’d visit the same apartment again in the future and I’m now going to use Airbnb next time I’m going anywhere! [FYI: Japan has some really cool places…]

What do you think? Is it something you’d do or is it something you’ve done? Let me know in the comments!



2 thoughts on “My first time using Airbnb!

  1. Wow so cool! I’ve thought about trying out Airbnb but thought it might be too expensive. Nevertheless awesome blog 👌🏽🤗 (ps. you have a small spelling mistake where you said ‘my and my boyfriend’) x

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