Top 5 reasons to visit Harry Potter London Studio Tour

That’s right, it finally happened! I went to London last week for my birthday and in order to celebrate turning… an age… my boyfriend and I visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour and had THE TIME OF OUR LIVES.

Naturally I took a lot of pictures and by a lot I mean… my phone was so full of them I wasn’t even allowed to view them without deleting some [I’m getting a new phone soon, shhh]. I suppose that’s my own fault for being too lazy to take my actual camera with me.

Before I show you the pictures I thought I’d highlight my top 5 things from the tour – which is difficult to do!

  1. The Great Hall is GREAT! You walk in and you feel like you could be in the movie. I had to stop myself from running through screaming ‘Troll in the dungeon” [there is no need to point out how much of a geek I am].
  2. The trinkets and props! Each item when you walk through is just so perfect and, whilst the displays are kind of all over the place, it’s nice you get to stumble upon them here and there. I’m sure I missed little things just due to them being tucked away like all good things in Hogwarts are. I’ll definitely go back just to re-explore.
  3. The sets and costumes are all great, however, the Potions set is my favourite. It’s dark, it’s cool and the potions are all stirring themselves which, whilst not that impressive, still made me happy.
  4. I thought I’d like the costumes more than I did, to be honest, but the real gem was the creature effects department and the art department. The planning and the intricate design for everything is out of this world. The people involved with all of that work are geniuses.
  5. Hogwarts Castle. They save it until the end and then you walk into the room where the model is and BAM! It’s the icing on the cake, really. I could sit in that room and look at the castle for hours and not get bored.


I kind of feel bad that Diagon Alley, The Forbidden Forrest , Number 4 and The Knight Bus didn’t make the list. Rest assured they are brilliant, as well.

Honourable mention also has to go to the green screen broom flying section – you get to sit on a broom and act like you’re flying over London. Whilst HIGHLY embarrassing it’s still amusing though I’ll warn you – buying the pictures and video is expensive and they don’t tell you the prices until you’re at the counter! Sneaky.

If you ever get a chance to go PLEASE do it. It is actually magical!

Now, without further ado, you get to see all the pictures I have to share [which are of OK quality] because it was SO GOOD, you guys!

chess piece

Slytherin Uniform

Hogwarts staff

Hagrid and Filtch


The Great Hall

Ron's dress robesHarry Potter costumesHarry Potter costumesGryffindor common roomHarry Potter wigsQuidditch costumes

Gryffindor dormPotions class roompotions class roomhagrids hutWeasley's kitchenMalfoy MannorUmbridge's office

Mirror of ErisedDragon SkeletonEntrance to Dumbledore's officeHogwarts ClockPhilosopher's stoneHarry Potter Golden Egg20170601_151938Golden SnitchEntrance to Chamber of Secrets ford angliaborgin and burkes20170601_160337gilderoy lockhartfantastic beasts and where to find thema history of magic

thestral 20170601_172645merperson 20170601_172138Harry Potter prosthetic20170601_171933Book of monsters buckbeak forbidden forest

potter's cottage in godric's hollowHogwarts bridge number 4 privet drive20170601_170714knight bus20170601_163738hogwarts express ron and lavender 4evaGringottspotions shopdiagon alleyflourish and blotts diagon alleyOllivandersWeasley's wizarding wheezesHarry Potter art 20170601_17365620170601_173746Harry Potter art department Hogwarts Castle20170601_17412320170601_174319Hogwarts Castle20170601_174656


I’m sorry there were so many pictures – I didn’t want to break it up by doing a part one and part two!




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