Outfit of the day [Basic Sam] and note to self

My Blog Queen, The Dainty Squid, recently wrote a post which was a little note to self about body image and it really stuck with me. I’ve re-read it a few times because it’s so simple and straight forward it makes me feel better.

I’m an advocate for NOT striving to be thin or lose weight for the sake of fitting into other people’s expectations of beauty and so, just for the sake of reminding myself, I thought I’d do a similar post.



If I ever remembered where I put my camera charger I could take better pictures! Ignoring the fact that these are awfully grainy and my roots are atrocious this is just me. Nothing fancy. This is one of my usual, casual, outfits which I feel would be one of the outfits my superhero action figure would wear if I were an actual superhero [shhh…].


I’m not one for jewellery, despite the fact I buy it every now and then, but I do love this necklace I got. I love geo-jewellery and this one is small and cute and goes with almost everything.


Honest alert; I’m a vegan and still wear my leather jacket. Most people laugh and say what I would consider snide/mean things about my personal life choices when they find this out, like me makes me less of a good person, however, this jacket is the most expensive thing I have ever bought myself [outside of cameras and computers] and so it might take me a while to part with it. Eventually I’ll donate this to someone else and buy a fake one [from a sustainable company, thank you very much!].


If this doesn’t show you who I am I don’t know what will; these little belt/buckle features should be done up, however, they always come undone so I’ve stopped doing it. Utter laziness!


Does anyone manage to keep their Converse clean? I have worn them all my life and I’m sad they are a terrible company for being ethical. I’m going to have to find a new brand to wear eventually.


Just dancing with the love of my life. I feel odd looking at pictures of my ENTIRE body. How strange is that? I think I’m an odd shape, which is silly. I did laugh when I looked back at this picture – my little Juno dancing with me. wp-1496088151598.

I have always wanted to do pictures of outfits. It’s something I enjoy looking at on other people’s blogs but I always felt like I couldn’t do it myself because I’m not a slim person. STUPID, right?

My body has never really been a big cause for concern. I don’t hate it but I don’t always love it, either. Over the past year my liking for it has slipped a little and it’s understandable. I stopped working out due to being tired a lot and not enjoying aspects of my life which made me feel even more drained than I already was. I even stopped doing yoga, which is just silly because it’s one of the best things I have in my life.

So here is a reminder to myself; You do not have to be ‘thin’ to wear nice clothes. You do not have to exercise to feel good but you do feel good when you do it. You do not have to compare yourself to anyone else. You can be that person everyone admires for their self confidence when they need to look to someone else for strength.

I don’t have small thighs. I don’t have a flat stomach. I don’t have toned arms. That’s cool. I’m a writer, I’m not an athlete. Bodies change and that’s cool. BE HEALTHY.



TOP: ASOS Jumper in Stripe with Oval Tan Elbow Patch – currently £14

Jeans: OASIS ‘Cherry’ slim leg – £55 [and not worth it anymore now the price has gone up. Time to jump back into jean-buying mode…]

Jacket: Warehouse Leather Biker Jacket [no longer available but THIS is similar]

Shoes: Converse Classic All Stars – £45

Necklace: One of a kind from Mickey’s store on Etsy [go and show her some love if you live in the US, OK?]


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