Tea Mode [with discounts]

Whilst it’s VERY true, I love coffee, I’m also a HUGE lover of tea. Any kind of tea. Just give me all the tea!

My tea stock is currently running a little bit low so I thought I’d do a quick recap of the tea that I’ve been drinking recently – I’m also going to say this RIGHT NOW: I’m going to be adding some links to the Twinings website where they currently have an offer on for 20% off, ending TOMORROW! If you use the link and happen to purchase something I will get a fee.

With that out of the way let’s move onto the actual tea.

I don’t solely drink Twinings tea, in fact, I usually only have one or two boxes of their tea in my stock at a time as I like to try lots of different brands for fun. That being said here is what I’m currently drinking from their selection:


Twinings green tea is actually one that I almost always have because it’s a firm fave. It’s not too bitter and, if you’re a heathen like me, you can leave the tea bag in for the entirety of the cup and not feel like you’ve just eaten tea leaves.

The Lemon Trio is equally delish. I usually like to just have hot water and lemon but, recently, I’ve been forgetting I have lemon in the fridge and then it’s too late to use it so, whilst I’m being forgetful, I decided to invest in lemon tea. Every time I drink it I feel like I’ve been very healthy and it reminds me of summer for some reason!

The China Rose if a new one for me. I love rose flavoured everything and I have had some fancy rose tea before. This is very delicate and you can’t steep the bag for too long because you do lose the freshness but it’s really nice if you just want something warm and not overly flavoured. It’s only a hint of rose but it’s good stuff!

Although I wasn’t going to go into the darjeeling you can see poking through in the pictures I’ll just comment and say YES it’s good… however, I have had far better darjeeling from bespoke tea companies so I’ve been spoilt a little bit with it. I drink the Twinings version and it’s lovely but it’s not the best one out there!

If you’d like to shop using the 20% off code I have please feel free to click:

logo.gif and use the code WEEKEND20

They’re now offering some ICED TEA options, which is always what I’m looking for so don’t miss out on those!

Now I’m going to tell you about a couple of NON Twinings teas which I have no affiliate links for, I’m afraid!

The first is Starbucks:


The Teavana range is my favourite of all their tea. I love the new flavours they brought out and I’ve been drinking them ever since… you know, when I’m not drinking all the espresso’s.

The Emperor’s clouds & mist is lovely. Like most of their tea you can’t leave it to steep for longer than 3 minutes as it goes very bitter, however, it’s refreshing and it feels like it’s cleansing your entire body so I love it! [The Youthberry tea is the one I drink the most, hence me not having any to show you…].

Finally, I was recently given this box of The Tea Makers flowering tea as a leaving gift from my work and the tea is delicious. Whilst I wish I’d picked a prettier one to photograph you only get 5 in a box and I didn’t want to waste one just for another picture but you’ll see from the images how it all works!

The result is a fresh, mellow, sweet tea which is so fun to make it’s hard not to use them all up in one day! I’m trying to be good, though.

I love any tea which flowers and this one is pretty damn good, if you ask me. I might be tempted to buy myself another box or try some of their matcha tea – they are quite costly… around £7 for 5 bulbs but my birthday is coming up so I might add something from their range to my list!


I hope you enjoyed this little tea-tour… see what I did there? Because I could have said detour… never mind.

I’m also going to try to do some coffee blogs soon so if you like this kind of thing… stick around!



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