Early evening light

I found myself wandering around my local town this evening just as the sun was starting to sink and I had to take some pictures because what else would you do? Well, for starters I did sit on a bench with Juno and read. I feel like people look at me like I’m odd for doing it but reading out in the open and NOT looking at a phone is a delight.

The one thing I like to do is look at the tops of the buildings. It sounds stupid but the shop fronts are, mostly, ugly. The tops of the buildings are the remnants of the original building and there are some stunning ones on the Main Street. 20170524_19434620170524_194424

See what I mean by ugly shop fronts? I just hate the look of most shop windows. However, please do spot my reading bench and also Starbucks, where I usually frequent and from where I was stealing free wi-fi. 20170524_194415

Early evening usually means the street is empty. All the shops were shut which makes it really peaceful. 20170524_194354


One of the nice things dotted around are the big flower displays. They’re in full bloom at the moment and whilst they do make me sneezy I do like the smell… as does Juno. She always tries to jump up and sniff them!20170524_195613

And here, in the middle of town, is one of the Edible Gardens which is for anyone to help themselves to. There is rhubarb growing, some strawberry plants and herbs. I actually love that we have these, despite the fact I’d be too self conscious to start picking things!! 20170524_194906


Whilst me and Juno were wandering I took some pictures of a few ‘urban’ areas in town. They’re tucked away and I really want to use them as back drops for some outfit pictures I was hoping to take. I don’t know. I might not do it because I’m not really a fashionista but I see some of my fave bloggers do it so…



I really wish I would remember to charge my good camera… maybe next time!




4 thoughts on “Early evening light

    1. I’ve been meaning to take the urban pictures for a while because I love them! I also love the clock tower and the herb garden. I might steal strawberries when they appear 😋😋😋


  1. Very cute, thanks for sharing! I also love to take the time to stop and take pics of life’s beautiful moments to share too. I actually would have loved to see an outfit post thrown in there. Maybe next time!

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