The Littlest Juno Puppy

I feel like, every now and then, I’m allowed to do a little blog post about how cute Juno, my Beagle, is.

Whilst I’m sure other’s aren’t as charmed by her cute little face as I am it doesn’t really matter because YOU don’t have control over my blog. [chuckle. chuckle.]


This little pup* [*she’s three years old but will always be my pup] loves nothing more than to find the patch of sun in the window and sunbathe until she get’s too hot which is when she’ll throw herself down in the shade.


Often she’ll chew her own toys, however, it doesn’t stop her from chewing her own feet every now and then just to be strange.


And then she does something like this. I mean… the pose! Most of the pictures I take of her are blurry. It’s less a lack of photo taking skills and more the fact that as soon as I press the ‘shutter’ she moves… it’s like she knows. “Clever girl”.


She really hates having her picture taken. It’s strange. Perhaps it’s more to do with the fact that I’m always right in her face? The jury’s still out.


One of the most ‘fun’ things Juno does is the fact that she does everything on her own terms. She doesn’t like to be stroked. She will back away from people who come near her, until she decides she wants it and then you’re screwed because she won’t leave you alone. Similarly with toys. Throw a ball? She won’t bring it back. And then she appears at your feet hours later with another toy.


The one thing she does do, though, is get A LOT of attention when we’re out. Perhaps it’s her ‘life jacket’ harness, which helps me spot her when she’s out in the wilderness. Perhaps it’s that damn cute face? She occasionally listens to me when we’re walking, like above when I told her to wait, however she will more often than not pretend to be deaf. It’s a real thing. She will look the other way as though eye contact proves she’s heard me.

Does anyone else have a dog who is just so… awkward? I mean she’s darn cute but… awkwaaaard AF.



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