Reading failure [& book giveaway news]

I had such high hopes for my reading this year. I remember the year I read 50+ books fondly. It was an achievement I was sure I could replicate year after year. Of course I didn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post!

So far I’ve only read a handful of books [and one graphic novel] this year:


I actually reviewed this one over at YA Love Mag – a book website I write for.


This review should be up soon on YA Love Mag so keep your eyes peeled.



Because I wanted to get back into reading [I have been far too consumed by television recently] I am making a conscious decision to get into my New Year’s goal of using my local library more. I mean, it’s already May and I’ve not borrowed a book yet!

My local library actually has a decent young adult/ fantasy fiction section so I’m excited to start working through them.

The reason I wanted to start using the library is because I actually own too many books! I know you might think there’s no such thing as too many books and that’s true if you have a large place to store them but, sadly, I don’t anymore! I’ve been slowly downsizing my belongings because my flat is very small and whilst I’ll always keep my favourite books to re-read I have so many I enjoyed but might not read again.

On that note I’m going to let you in on a secret. I’m going to be hosting some giveaways in the next few months which will involve mystery books being shipped to some lucky readers so, if you’re not already, follow me on Instagram and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out!




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