New Stationary [& snail mail call]!

I’m a sucker for new stationary and once my office is actually done I’m excited to be able to store it all properly. Oh the small dreams we have!

I recently purchased a couple of new sets to add to my collection and let me tell you, I love them!

Typically they’re from Paperchase but I’m always open to people telling me about other places to buy stationary because… well, I don’t need a reason to buy it.


The first set [on the left] is a Matisse-type jungle setting in black and white with gold emboss and I LOVE it so much. The details make my eyes very happy!!


There is a part of me that winces at the mention of 20 sheets and only 10 envelopes. I don’t know why. I suppose Paperchase is trying to be enthusiastic about letter writing but, if I’m being honest, a two page letter is a thing of dreams for me. It’s hard to write that much and have use of my hand afterwards! [curse our technology-based letter writing demise]



The envelopes are sweet; the gold embossed address box is a lovely feature and look at the scarab at the bottom!!


My favourite feature, though, has to be the gold honey bees that dot around the design. This one hovering over the globe at the bottom of the writing sheet is being very environmental conscious!

The second set [on the left in the top picture] is equally nice, if not a little bit plain.


I love the bicycle design SO much; if you have received snail mail from me before you might have had a little envelope favour which confirms my love for cute bike designs.

The only problem with the envelopes, though, is that one has the design on the outside of the fold and the rest have it on the inside! I think it’s a printing mistake, which is quirky but a little bit sad!


The saving grace is the tandem bike emboss at the top of the writing sheets and the paper has a grain to it which would make writing with a fountain pen fantastic! I just have to find my fountain pen…


This obviously brings me back to my snail mail call. I’m happy to write out to anyone who wants a letter. I have yet to decide the theme of my letters and what is going to go inside as a little gift but if you’re interested in a surprise and a hand written ramble just let me know in the comments and/or email your address and a little about yourself to:




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