May Goals


Last year I didn’t review my yearly goals until June, which I’m sure I’ll do again this year, but I saw my blog-crush The Dainty Squid recently did a post about May goals, inspired by Writes Like a Girl, and I felt like it would be fun to do my own.

May is a big month for me. News just in: I’ve got a new job! So not only are big changes afoot but May is bringing with it a sort of closure for some things in my life so why not make a lil’ list of things I want to get done in time for that door swinging shut?!

If you want to check out my actual years goals just click on over HERE first. I’m going to try to knock some of these off this month!


  1. Get my Etsy shop up and running. This was actually the first thing on my year goals list and I’ve already been sorting out my stuff for a while to get it going. May *seems* to be the month I will have a few items up for sale. 
  2. Finish Etta part 2 and self publish. I’m annoyed it’s taken me so long to get back into writing the 2nd story [part one can be purchased HERE] but it’s well on its way to being done. If I hustle I can get it finished and illustrated by the end of the month. I hope! 
  3. Bike. Yes, my bike is still in storage. Yes I need to get it out. Before the summer is over… again.
  4. Get my office partially sorted out.  I have some key items on the way to me to maybe get some of my office done soon. Fingers crossed!
  5. Just finish the last parts of my first full length novel so I can submit it. I’m dawdling on this because I have to write a FULL synopsis again as I hated my first one. I just want to get it done and sent out to agents by the end of May so that I can forget about it. Seriously, guys. When you read something so many times you can’t help but wish you never have to read it again.


So there they are. Maybe it doesn’t seem that bad. Maybe it seems like I’m setting myself up to fail. No matter what, though, I’m winning SOMETHING… right?



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