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It’s been just over a year since me and my boyfriend moved into our first home. I’ve shared some decor ideas before but the truth is, since we moved in, we haven’t done ANYTHING.

We were lucky that we didn’t have to decorate as the place was already spruced up before we moved in.

Now we’ve fully settled in I can’t help but feel that itch to re-paint and actually put my own stamp on the place. Whilst I don’t know what the future holds I think we might stay here for a few years so it’s probably worth it. Decorating can be expensive but I’m an actual DIY hero so I have no doubt I can do 99% of the work myself.

Looking back at my old wish list I have the dinner set and the sofa. I am yet to find a good deal on the lamp I want but I will eventually. Today I’m more interested in telling you about my paint ideas for the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom as well as the little trinkets I’m craving because who doesn’t love a good Pinterest haul every now and then?

Living Room

Great colours for a basement living room. I like the fresh white chair rail between the two!:

Less about the items here and more about the paint because we have one of those runners in the middle of the wall so, naturally, I want to do the whole two-tone thing! I love how fresh it can make a room look. We have a small living room so I’m only looking at lighter colours [I love dark walls but it would be like living in a box] and I’m always drawn to this green pallet.




Vinyl Record Shelf

We have a record player I’m desperate to keep on display so one of these cheap box-type stands is perfect. I’m trying to avoid the ikea bulk buy, though, because I want to find furniture cheaper! I’m constantly peering in the window of the local charity shop, just waiting for something like this to be waiting for me.






A world without cactus is a world I don’t want to live in. My tiny plants I got when I moved in are now HUGE and need repotting so I’m looking into finding some cool pots so I can move them from the kitchen window ledge into the living room. I need to find a small table, too, though because we can’t have plants on the floor due to our HEAVENLY underfloor heating.

I’m actually still looking at a few different plant options. I need to get ones that like to absorb moisture so any suggestions are welcome.



No large kitchen:Small Kitchen On Galley Styles White U Shape On Small Kitchen Design by lissandra.villano:

I chose this picture because it’s basically my exact kitchen but flipped [my oven is on the other side]. It’s also exactly how I want my kitchen to look.

At the moment ours isn’t far off, our worktop is a similar colour, but we have cream coloured doors on our cupboards and our sink is THE WORST.

This picture is my total inspiration for what I know mine will look like… eventually. Oh the little dreams we have!



20+ Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Kitchen | Apartment Therapy:

This is what I’m talking about when I think about the sink! Ours is currently plastic. PLASTIC! Urgh. I think the people who moved out took their sink with them, which I understand, and I’ve put up with a plastic sink for a year but now I’m looking at getting something a little nicer. I’m not fussed about those fancy ceramic sinks people seem to like [what’s the fuss?]. I’d be happy with anything that doesn’t STAIN at the sight of tomato sauce!


natural light and fresh flowers always make a room look bigger:

Because our kitchen is so small I can’t get all the nice things I’d like if we had a full sized room; you know, the nice table or the island with the integrated chopping board and wine rack [yes, please!] so I just look for things to make the small space seem NICE.

I love fresh flowers BUT… I’m allergic. Along with the fact I resent having to throw them away [shhh, let’s not talk about the dead flowers in the vase I left in the hallway outside my flat… I still need to throw them out]. It makes me sad.

My new plan is to find some lovely fakes. They are expensive so I’m waiting to find ones that make me say ‘oooh’ rather than ‘ooohhhhhhnothanks’.


I love my bedroom. It’s the perfect size and has the perfect light, built in wardrobes, space for a treadmill when I’m feeling the need to run without actually leaving the flat!

That being said I want to stick my model sail boat on the window ledge and make the room a little more fancy so here are some of my ideas…

Deep blues gently fade into green tones. This subtle ombre wallpaper design creates a soothing atmosphere.:

I was lying in bed last night and I had this really strong desire to look up faded colours on walls. I saw this and almost squealed with delight. Although I do picture myself sponging into a mad state of anger and despair trying to get it right I also want to try it so much! It also goes with the sailing kind of theme I want in my room. What with my boat and some boating pictures and what not dotted around…

I spent a lot of time on boats as a kid so the idea of making my bedroom like that makes me feel comfy.



Nautical compass 22 Saltwater Art Pirate by IronWolfMetalworking:

Speaking of all things nautical…








So no massive changes; just sprucing and making things a little prettier. I also have to re caulk all the windows which I’m looking forward to doing… I might also re grout the bathroom. I’m strange. I enjoy these things!




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