It’s been a while since I told you what I was watching and, whilst some of the things haven’t changed since the last blog posts I did, I’m sure, I figured I do a little run down.

I am still loving me some Netflix but I have curbed my watching recently because it was getting ridiculous.

What I’ve watched and completed recently:

13 Reasons Why

Image result for 13 reasons whyIt was hard not to binge this show. I put it off for a little while because it seemed too good to be true; what I mean by that is that it’s right up my alley and I didn’t want to watch it and be disappointed.

After watching it over 3 days I can’t say I was totally disappointed because I liked it a lot but I also didn’t like how bratty the kids were in it and how no one seemed to mind that all of the apparently 16 year old kids were covered in tattoos.

Ignoring that, though, I liked the fact that it showed how bullying can tip people over the edge little by little. The soundtrack is brilliant and the acting is fine if you’re used to teen dramas. I found most of it really easy watching and, sometimes, trivial but that last episode hit hard and I did have to take a break in the middle. It was first thing in the morning and I wasn’t mentally prepared for ‘feelings’.

Girl Boss

Image result for girl boss tv

This was released last weekend on Netflix and I’d been looking forward to it for a few weeks so naturally I watched it within 24 hours. I’m not even sorry. OK, I am a little bit because I want more of it and now I’ll have to wait to see if there is going to be more of it.

The premise is Brit Robertson plays a girl who doesn’t want to grow up and have responsibilities like a ‘job’ and ‘bills’. She floats from crappy job to crappy job [and still managed to afford a pretty decent apartment in the same building as RuPaul’s hard working airport security person. Go figure], and eventually she stumbles on the job she was made for; selling vintage clothes found in second hand stores in an Ebay store called Nasty Gal.

It doesn’t sound that thrilling but there are genuine moments of comedy and her dizzy best friend is a great counter to how self involved and destructive Brit’s character can be.

Again, this show has a great soundtrack so give it a whirl; especially if you like 70’s and 80’s rock.

What I’m still working my way through:

iZombie [season 3]

Image result for izombie season 3

That’s right; it’s back! There are only a few episodes on Netflix at the moment and so far it’s enjoyable. It’s not caught my attention as well as the first two seasons and I think it’s down to the cast expanding in a bad way. Clive, the detective Liv helps, used to be on the outs of the whole secret but in this season he’s aware and I don’t think it’s as fun with him knowing why she acts the way she acts! I also don’t particularily like Major’s character and his involvement in the whole affair either so… I don’t dislike the show, I just think they should have stuck with what was working!

Riverdale [season 1]

Image result for riverdaleI’m still watching Riverdale. It’s still on. I don’t understand the world.

It’s not that I’m not enjoying the drama; I just thought it would have gotten a little more creepy and it would have picked up pace by now. Sadly the story is slow and Netflix doesn’t seem to have a set day for showing episodes. It’s irksome. I will wait to watch week by week but, honestly? I’ve become accustom to having a whole series to get through at my own pace. I do wonder if they’re trying to capture people’s hearts by showing it week by week like a normal TV show [iZombie and PLL are still doing this] but in my opinion they’re flogging a dead horse and ignoring the nature of the beast they created! The show? Oh yeah… not much to report. The characters, whilst mildly well acted, aren’t complex enough for me to like any one more than another. I don’t know who the main character even is. I’ll finish it but would I want a season 2? Probably not.

Pretty Little Liars [season 50]

Image result for pll season 7

If you weren’t aware this was still going you did good getting out early. I decided to stick with it and this season [seven, despite my joke] is the last. Hopefully. Well, they say it every time but surely…?

I actually like the stupidity of this show even thought none of them have learned anything from the past 7 years. None of them can throw a decent punch. None of them have learned how to hack. None of them have told the police the truth about anything…

It makes for easy episodes when the only thing they need to make sure happens is the girls all lie about something and they get textually bullied by ‘AD’. Urgh. I know how they feel. Nothing worse than when you’re on your phone and an AD pops up. LOLOLOLOL as we old kids say with a sarcastic eye roll.

So far I couldn’t tell you what had happened in this new season as we’re only a few episodes in but I’ll stick it out just so I can say I watched it and put it on my CV because it’s gone on longer than most people spend in school.

Vampire diaries [season 7]

Image result for vampire diaries season 7I’ve literally just been binge watching this from season one to season seven for the past few weeks. I’m actually quite proud of myself! I had only ever gotten to season 4 when it was on TV [for reals, like, scheduled and everything] so I wanted to wait until I could sit down and watch it all at once. The day finally came! I do really love the show but I wish they’d incorporated more from the books into it; particularily vampire magic and the hell dimension with all the different demonic creatures. I guess it’s hard to do that in TV though but still! Seven seasons in and Elena is still the focus of everyone’s attention but it’s easy to watch and fun to see how they manage to tie everyone’s history into the show. A new character comes in? Let’s find a point in time where we can say they met one of the Salvator brother’s and they forgot about it until the moment said person arrives on their doorstep with either a VERY long grudge to settle or else some bad guy chasing them who then ends up right in Mystic Falls where everyone dies or becomes a vampire… except Matt. Seriously guilty pleasure!


So whilst I haven’t watched as many shows as I normally would it’s mostly because I’ve been spending a lot of time in Mystic Falls with those vampire loving kids with great hair and a love of ripping hearts out. Literally.


If you have any suggestions let me know and if you have seen any of these and need to talk to someone about them, much like Fraser Crane, I’m here. I’m listening… Ok, if you didn’t know what that was I think I’m officially too old.





      1. Aha we do😊Umm I also like Teen Wolf, Jane The Virgin and Reign! I really want to watch the new series Dear White People too on Netflix!

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      2. Yes! Teen wolf is life! I need to watch Jane the Virgin because my sister is obsessed with it! I saw dear white people advertised yesterday. Not sure what it’s about yet but I’ll watch it, I’m sure! 😋😋

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