Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

I’m still on the path of learning more about tarot and reading the deck/spread with a little more ease. Sadly, right now, I’m relying on the book I have and my instinct with hopes that, eventually, it will become easier and I won’t have to refer to the book so much!

Today I did my very first Celtic Cross reading, as I’m more partial to a three card read.

It was a lot more detailed, obviously, and because of that – really helpful!

I always find myself asking the same kinds of questions when I’m working with my Hermetic deck because it’s the only aspect of my life I am always striving to work on; my writing career.

The Celtic Cross pulls 10 cards [11, if you want a little extra info] and goes through 10 stages of what I like to think of as ‘understanding’:

The Present // The Challenge // The Past // The Future // Above // Below // Advice // External Influences // Hopes and/or Fears // Outcome

Right off the bat I’m going to suggest you check out this website/post from Biddy Tarot about it because their website is super helpful!

My Reading:

Card 1: The Present: King of Wands.

Represents what is happening at the current time. Reflects state of mind. 

Meaning – swift, strong and violent. The King of Wands gets things done, is very goal orientated and has a long term goal.

Interpretation – Whilst it’s a good card to have as ‘present’ because it’s true. I am goal orientated and always seeking opportunities I can’t help but lean towards the more negative aspects of the card because at the moment I’m feeling negative about my situation; I’m stifled. Stuck. Unable to move forwards because I feel trapped by the rigidity of the life I’ve created for myself. The king of wands is aggressive in his pursuit of his goals and, recently, I felt that aggression wearing me down. Tiring me out.

Card 2: The Challenge: King of Swords.

Represents the immediate challenge or problem. If resolved it will make life easier. 

Meaning – Ideas, thoughts, designs, distrust, suspicion, controlled but determined.

Interpretation – The positive aspects of this card are seemingly unharmful, at a glance, but ideas are sometimes a plague to an active mind. Hear me out. Most people find ideas great; thoughts and designs help people do things and move forwards. For me? I find them distracting. I’ve never, ever, had a problem with generating new ideas, things to do, stories to write. Because of this I find my interests and attention pulled in every direction under the sun. It makes me feel scattered, like I should be spending my time doing just ONE thing rather than trying to juggle them all. I’m a Gemini, I get restless. It’s not as great as it sounds. The King of Swords is also level headed and controlled and I think it’s because of this that I find it hard taking next steps towards things that I might not have control over!

Card Three: The Past: The Hermit

Represents the events which have led up to this situation.

Meaning – Wisdom sought. Knowledge. Divine inspiration. Inner strength.

Interpretation – I would say this card is spot on. So far I’ve reached my goals due to my consistent work ethic which I worked on throughout my English lit and language degree. Doing a uni degree in my own time, rather than the usual path people take to actually GO to uni, gave me a strong sense of ownership of my own education and, because of time management in life, I had to develop good work ethic which I use in all my extra-curricular challenges.

Card Four: The Future: Justice

Represents what is likely to occur in the next few weeks or months. Not the final outcome!

Meaning – Balance. Eternal Justice. Strength. Fairness. Equity. Good Intentions.

Interpretation – I’m hoping this card means that within the next few weeks or months I’ll find my writing juice again. I’ve been struggling with balancing work and non work life for a few different reasons. By the time I get home I lack any inspiration or get-go to do anything creative but there are changes afoot which I know are going to have a direct impact on my life so this is a good sign!

Card Five: Above: King of Pentacles

Represents aspirations. Best outcomes. What I’m working towards.

Meaning – Increased good and/or evil. Solid. Character and intelligence. Steady. Practical application.

Interpretation – Well, this one is quite obvious when it comes to my actual dream; writing for a living. Practical application of my skills, steady work etc. When it comes to an end result the King of Pentacles represents actual success so woohoo!

Card Six: Below: Knight of Pentacles

Represents the underlying feelings and trends associated with the situation and can indicate what the true drive is. 

Meaning – Heavy. Dull. Laborious. Patient and clever. Methodical.

Interpretation – The below card is often a surprise to the person getting a reading as it indicates the subconscious desires which not everyone is in tune with. I know myself pretty well so this card doesn’t surprise me at all. I like hard work. I like repetition. I strive for stability that comes with instability. It’s a balancing act that I attempt to achieve. The knight is steadfast in his journey and doesn’t let outside distractions get in the way – that’s my ultimate goal.

Card Seven: Advice: Princess of Wands

Represents the best course of action to get to where I want to be.

Meaning – Desire for power. Enthusiasm. Non conformist. Independent by nature.

Interpretation – The card seems to be telling me to keep at it but after doing a little more research the princess is also advising to stop and listen. As a writer I know how to sit on the sidelines and take everything in. Waiting for the right moment to take action. For my situation I know what she’s trying to say; gather intel. I’m almost at the point where I’ll be sending out a LOAD of queries to agents and research is ultimately key. Each agent requests something different and tailored. I’ve already started researching what I need to do and I’m in the process of completing it!

Card Eight: External Influences: Knight of Wands

Represents the people, energies or events which will effect the outcome. 

Meaning – Generous. Impetuous. Departure. Active. Fierce.

Interpretation – The Knight of Wands tells of a journey. This could not be more relevant to my life right now and, whilst I can’t get into it right now, pulling this card has assured me I’m going in the right direction.

Card Nine: Hopes and Fears: Temperance

Represents what is says on the tin. Hopes and fears. 

Meaning – Realisation. Combination of forces. Temperance. Moderation.

Interpretation – A tough card to pull for hopes and fears. I’m not scared to say I’ve been feeling out of sorts recently. My S.A.D has followed me from winter to spring and I’m finding it hard to break free from melancholy. Temperance treats the soul; forging in the fire which can break you and make you. You can come out stronger or you might not, y’know.

For further information in this section of the reading I pulled a second card to help clarify.

Two of Pentacles

Meaning – Harmony of change. Alternating gains and losses. Weakness and strength. Ever varying occupation. Wandering. Discontent with fixed position. Alternating elation and melancholy. Industrious yet unreliable.  Prudent, yet sometimes foolish. Argumentative. King yet inconsistent and wavering.

Interpretation – I mean… There’s no need to interpret this one, in my opinion! I long for changes and variance in occupation. I am a wanderer but writing is inconsistent and whilst I’m optimistic I’m not an idiot. It’s a tough career and can lead to loss as much as gain but big risks, right?

Card Ten: Outcome: Six of Wands

Represents where I’ll end up if I head the advice, take my fears into consideration, and keep working towards my goal. 

Meaning – Victory after strife. Conquest. Triumph. Success through energy and industry.

Interpretation – It seems like I picked this one on purpose, doesn’t it? I can honestly say the deck was shuffled and cards placed in the correct order! I do look at this card and think ‘really?’ Mostly because it feels like it’s too easy, yet, I know it won’t be. It hasn’t been so far. If you’re a writer you know the hardest part isn’t other people, it’s yourself and how you get in your own way for whatever reason. Any career that is driven by your own industry and can only be done by YOU is hard. Spending time in your own head day after day is HARD. This card, though? Well it speaks for itself!


I hope you enjoyed this LONG reading, if you read it. I understand a lot of people don’t believe in divination/ tarot/ faith in the universe/ tapping into the universe but, for me, I choose to put my faith in the unknown and I constantly try to attune myself to the world around me because why not?


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