E.L.F products // review

I recently purchased a new eyeshadow pallet from E.L.F which brings my items from them up to a grand total of FOUR. I figured that was a good enough amount of items to do a little review of the cruelty free make up brand.

I have been on the look out for replacement make up ever since I did this ‘Is my make up bag cruelty free‘ post. It’s difficult; not because there aren’t many options. More and more options are available each month, it seems. No, it’s difficult because trying to find items as good as BIG BRAND products is hard work but it will be worth it in the end.

Let’s start with concealer. I talked about this in THIS POST but I’m now at the end of the line with it where I’ll have to decide if I want to re-buy it.


As expected I have pretty much all of the highlighter left, but I have been using it more and more recently on my cheeks just for fun, despite the amount of glitter it deposits. I guess I’m just feeling shimmer at the moment. The actual concealer is almost gone though. As I’d mentioned before the coverage isn’t the best but that being said, on a good day, I don’t need heavy concealing and it is really good to brighten under the eyes so I don’t look so corpse-like. Honestly? I will buy it again. It’s in no way a replacement for my MAC studio finish concealer, which packs more of a punch covering actual spots, but for basic day to day wear it’s cool. I didn’t think it would last long, especially as it’s liquid, but I’ve used it every day [pretty much] and it’s lasted 4 months. At £2.50 ish I can’t really grumble!


Next up is the primer which is colour correcting [green to combat redness]. Whilst the feeling of it is nice, if you like silky skin, it’s not for me. I used it more like a moisturiser but I actually like my skin to feel a little stickier. I came to the end of it last week and, in order to try to get more out of it, I unscrewed the cap. I couldn’t actually believe how small the inside actually is! Along with the fact that it’s pump action, meaning you can’t really control how much comes out, I probably wasted a lot of it – not that it was hard. I barely used it, to be honest. I dabbed some on my chin and forehead and sometimes on my cheeks but I never did full face coverage so I don’t know how long it would last ACTUAL usage. It also isn’t pigmented enough to do any colour correcting so… I’m not going to buy this one again. I think this one costs about £7 which is SO cheap but I might be temped to try another version just to see if I can find the right texture.


The matt lip colour was a recent purchase and I got it in a natural shade and I LOVE IT. Although I did accidentally order one from America so had to wait an age for it, however, once it arrived I was impressed.

It’s a twist action lipstick with a pencil-type nib which means you have good 20170414_112824control of how much you put on but also where it goes. I don’t know about you but normal shaped lipstick baffles me to this day!

I don’t know how long it’s going to last me but I’m temped to buy more colours – currently priced around £3.


This is my latest purchase – the E.L.F baked eye shadow pallet and so far… I’m on the fence. I love the neutral colours and they are nice and sparkly so they transition well if I were to ever go out at night, which I hardly do because I’m old and hate being in crowded places. The bad thing is they aren’t very pigmented so you hardly get colour on your eye lids 20170414_112931when you use them. A couple of them also have a lot of drop to them so you get unwanted glitter on your cheeks – which is unavoidable when you go for this kind of pallet but only a few of them do it which is annoying! I am tempted to try with a wet brush to see if that helps. I’ll keep you posted on this one! Currently available to buy for around £12.50


So there you have it – four items which I’m mostly liking but kind of on the fence about. It’s difficult to complain too much about E.L.F because they’re cruelty free and DAMN affordable but you have to buy them online as, in the UK at least, they aren’t available in stores yet. That’s also the reason why I’ve estimated prices because they do vary depending on the web site and also shipping costs!

If you have any suggestions, E.L.F or otherwise, let me know!


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