Local exploration

Did you know I’m a wanderer?

I think I have been one my entire life but it wasn’t until I read about The Wander Society that I found the name for my life ambition; To Wander. To Explore. To Seek.

You might think it’s easy to do but you’d be surprised. There’s a knack to just walking and following your nose or your feet without thinking about time or place.

When the weather gets nice I want to wander all the time and last weekend was sunny as hell so me and The Pup went out for a wander with no place in mind whatsoever. Naturally I found a path and a place I had never seen before which is basically a win.

Oh, but before I show you a few snaps look- the pink blossom is out!


Moving on – the walk. It’s nice when you just walk to somewhere you’ve been before but find places you never looked at before, for whatever reason.

This field is well known where I live but I have only seen it in three ways before. At night [every year there is a bonfire], from the main entrance or from an entrance at the other side.

On Saturday I entered via this side path which was like discovering something new despite the fact that it wasn’t at all.


Juno is a runner. In both ways. She LOVES to run but she also likes to run circles around me. As she’s gotten older her recall isn’t the best and it’s something I’m going to try to work on with her. That being said; big fields like this are great and I’m lucky we have a fair few locally because she gets to go wild whilst I pretend not to care but secretly pray I can trick her back to latch her lead on.


The next few pictures are my greatest discovery… of the week, anyway. A path which led to an allotment which led to the back of a school where there was a little grassy area where kids could play. It’s little hidden gems like that which make me love walking without knowing where I’m going.


Tree lined roads are a strangely beautiful thing. I love them but I can never capture the feeling in a picture. I can’t describe it at all but these trees were all pretty great.


After a talk with someone recently I also discovered there was a place close to me called the Black Lake. You better believe I’m going to look for that and explore it soon. It’s also surrounded by some great geocache’s as well so… watch this space.




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