Estuary Exploration // Anglesey


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This weekend I went to Anglesey, Wales, for a hen party weekend. The hen is one of my oldest friends – we’ve been buddies for 20 years. Guys… I’m old enough to have friends for 20 years plus. What?

Whilst I won’t share pictures of the lovely ladies who I have known for a long time/ just met I will share with you some lovely pictures of Anglesey – a place I don’t think I’ve been to since I was a child, if I have even been at all [I have a terrible memory] but will be going back to because the scenery is vast and amazing.


The ‘cottage’ we stayed in [huge house] was right on an estuary which meant we got a good walk and good views. We were also blessed with a couple of ship wrecks!


The house was cool but this place was creepy and behind a set of ‘ornate’ gates.


Not only did we have the sea in view and walking distance but the garden and local area were beautiful, too. We stayed two nights and in those two nights I heard and saw more sheep than I have ever seen, possibly… I mean, that’s a bit of a statement considering my parents house where I grew up had fields behind that were filled with sheep but never mind that!



It was the sort of trip which was short and sweet but would have suited me fine to have been a little bit longer, company included. I’m not one for large groups of people but my friend has other good friends and it made for a fun time away with a lot of different characters. Laughter was as free flowing as the prosecco.

On the drive home I snapped this from the back of the car. Not only a fun sign to show our off-the-beaten-path route home to avoid traffic but also a picture of some very small looking huge wind turbines – if you look closely you just might see them in the distance!



So thank you to the universe for the weather and location and to the hen and chicks who made the weekend a delight!



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