Dream Wardrobe // Minimalism

I’m still on the long journey to cut down on possessions and such – at some point I’ll take the next step in my list of things to do – but for now I want to talk about my wardrobe.

My last post about this was all about how I’d thrown out a lot of junk I had. I still think I can throw so much more out but then I want to start restocking with really good quality items that will last me a long time. This might take a while as good quality often means a higher price but I’m happy to pay if it means it will be with me for a while!

I’ve been on Pinterest a lot recently, trying to figure out what other people do with their wardrobes and it’s both informative and fun and also brain numbing. I love the idea of having staple items but jeez, people do like to post pictures of black and white items of clothing. I suppose the idea is that dressing in black will always be cool and it will always match but I can’t imagine not dressing in colour so whilst I love looking through other peoples minimalist wardrobes I’m obviously going to have to do it on my own terms.

So far I’ve come up with the below list of items I think I should have – 26 items in total but I’d be happy to go up to 30 ish in total.

The List

white t-shirt // Camisole // White button down shirt // Graphic t-shirt // stripped top // Jumper // Denim shirt // Checked shirt // Blazer // Kimono  // Black dress // Floral dress // Casual dress // Trench coat // Midi Skirt // Mini Skirt // Cardigan // Fake leather jacket // Blue jeans // Grey Jeans // Black Jeans // Running shoes // Converse // Flat pumps // Heels // Boots


My biggest hurdle is t shirts and jumpers. I love them both dearly so I might be temped to invest in better quality ones but not limit myself to one each. You can’t quell passion, baby!

Sorry this is a picture-less post. I don’t like to not include pictures but it’s a blank slate, so to speak. I’ll have to keep you updated as and when I find my items!




6 thoughts on “Dream Wardrobe // Minimalism

  1. I’ve been doing the same thing for about a year, or trying to. I notice some people have 33 items in their wardrobes. But I think we can all agree that 40 and under is doing pretty good to not be overwhelmed with mass amouts of clothing you don’t wear.

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