Pros and cons of writing fiction

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I’m trying, desperately, to get myself into gear with writing. I had a great year in 2016 for writing new stories but I’m stuck at the moment.

I’ve been up and down and all around over the past couple of months which has left my brain a little bit deflated so I thought, whilst I was mentally giving myself a pep talk, I might as well talk about the good, bad and ugly parts of being a writer. I’m sure this relates not only to us as-yet unpublished animals as it does to those who have won The Deal.


  • You get to write the stories you want to read
  • You feel accomplished and magical
  • You are your own boss and so feel great when you efficiently manage time
  • You write a word/line/paragraph/chapter/book you’re really proud of
  • Other people say ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ that you can do it (shhh it’s ok to appreciate the appreciation)
  • You create a world and characters that fill it and have that moment where you think they might be real
  • There is the hint of a chance you could get paid to do it for a job if you get The Deal and your wildest dreams could come true.



  • You write terrible characters
  • You write stupid story lines that accidentally end up with your main protagonist stuck in a room with only a slice of pizza for company (this could happen)
  • You write a word/line/paragraph/chapter/book you hate and wonder why you even started it in the first place
  • Writing the book is never The End of the hard work
  • You could write and write and write and never find The Deal


I’m sure there are more to add to this list so if you write please feel free to make suggestions.

Of course this is only a humorous blog post! I needed to write it in order to kick myself into writing mode and I think it’s worked!



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