What to do when your dog hates being stroked!


It might come as a surprise to some of you but Juno doesn’t really like being stroked or petted, at all!

I know she looks cute and cuddly but in real life she’s a stone cold bitch! I’ve actually never come across a dog quite like her before and I’m not saying that just to be ‘my dog is weirder than your dog’. She often backs away when you try to touch her and only likes being stroked and cuddled on her own terms.

Basically, I just wanted to do this little blog post to let others out there know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel if your dog is also awkward.

When Juno was a wee pup she would only sleep on my knee. She’d tear around the room and a million miles an hour and no matter how many times I placed her in her bed she’d wake up and jump on my knee; she would still rather snooze next to me and I have to lock her in her crate at night because of it!

Despite those sleepy snuggles, though, she has never really enjoyed letting people touch her and I don’t know why. I know that dogs, and especially Beagles, can suffer from being hand shy but it’s more like she just isn’t interested rather than fearfulness.

For the first two years of her life Juno would run around and whilst she’d play and pounce and scuttle under foot in the kitchen like a street urchin from a Dickens novel she just wouldn’t sit still long enough to let you pet her. She would actually just never be still, ever! She’s hard work.

I had been told by someone else that once their dog hit 2 years old they changed a little and it’s spooky how accurate that was.

As soon as Juno turned 2 she began sitting with me on the sofa. Curling up on my lap for the first time since she was the size of a beenie baby, and letting me scratch behind her ears. Sometimes she even shows signs of liking it. I mean… what?!

Today she sat in front of me whilst I just scratched her head and chin. If you’d have experienced the scathing looks she would give last year you’d understand how insane it is to let me do that now!

What I’m expecting is that the older she gets the more cuddly she’ll be?

I’m sure, if you don’t have a bitch of a bitch, you don’t know why you’ve just read this post but if your dog is as nasty as Juno just remember; they actually do get nicer as they get older! One day I’m going to actually hug Juno and she won’t push me away with her paws. Because she does that. Like I said; nasty.

If you have a snooty dog let me know!




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