TV Shows & Distractions

It’s been a while since I posted – make sure you check out my last post about snail mail – and I can’t say that it’s because I’ve been busy… I have, but mostly it’s because I’ve fallen into a TV show black hole where I just get sucked into everything I’m watching.

Normally I do full recaps of the shows I’m watching but I’ve seen so many shows recently it’s too hard to actually write much about them so, instead, I’ll just list what’s been distracting me recently:

Lucifer Season 2

Flesh and Bone season 1

Constantine season 1

UnREAL season 1 & 2

The Client List Season 1 (currently watching season 2)

Riverdale (currently watching season 1)

Bitten season 1

Backstrom season 1

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency season 1

Frequency season 1

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 2

You Me Her season 1


I think I might have missed one or two, as well… so you see, my distraction of TV shows is alive and well.

I’m trying not to get so hooked on TV shows at the moment but I’m in absorption mode. I’m in the middle of writing the as yet untitled second book of the Etta series (AKA The Fantasy Girl series), which I’d hoped to have finished by the end of February but that went out of the window. Sadly Netflix and Amazon Prime is too addictive.

Once I’m done with the shows I’m watching at the moment I’m going to try to take a break so I can focus on the stuff I’m supposed to be doing. I’m way too good at procrastinating when I don’t have ACTUAL deadlines to meet. Someone just give me a deadline; that should do the trick!





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