Snail mail updates


Just before Christmas I did a snail mail call to arms and had a few people contact me about getting letters. I wrote said letters but, typically, didn’t send them.

I say typically because the majority of my life is based on me having the best intentions to do things and then… not doing them. I got really far this time, though. I wrote the damn things and then I fell apart.

There’s a huge huzzah, though. At the start of the new year I found the cutest letter writing set in Paperchase and, as such, I’ve re-written the letters on my lovely new stationary.



Each time I do a batch of mail I get new cards and paper. This one is definitely my favourite so far. It’s so nice to get a good, grained, paper with cute detail on it.

I have a few sheets of paper left to do some more letters so if you’re interested just let me know here or email – once these are gone I’ll be on the look out for new designs so if you have any favourite stationary stores tell me in the comments. I need to stock up so I am good to go whenever!



7 thoughts on “Snail mail updates

  1. Paper chase is so good for letter writing essentials. This set is really gorgeous! Image recently started to blog about all things letter/snail mail related if you are ever looking for letter writing inspiration. ☺️🐌

    P.S. I really enjoyed your vegan blog post too, thanks for sharing 🎈

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