3 Card Tarot Reading

I intended to do at least one reading a month so I could plot my results but I’ve already missed January!

Still, we plod on, eh?

Tarot readings are obviously personal and sharing them is kind of like sharing pages of a diary but, I mean, isn’t that what a blog is all about?

I was pretty boring with my card reading. I haven’t yet branched into a more complex one as I’m still playing with three cards; Past, present and future.

1st card: The Past: The Last Judgement [Reversed]

Image result for the last judgement card

Seeing this, reversed, basically means I have suffered from disappointment. A Failure to face the facts. This is totally true when I look back over the past year and even the past few months. Whenever I ask the deck for guidance I am pretty much always asking about work and career because it’s all I think about at home. That being said, just because I think about it and work on it [writing] doesn’t mean opportunities will just fall into my lap and over the past few months I’ve been focused on just that. Feeling a sense of loss with regards to my ambition and my potential. I’ve even been wondering why I’m still writing. Boo, self pity.




2nd Card: Present: The Emperor [Reversed]

Image result for the emperor tarot hermeticReversed this card indicated ineffectiveness, immaturity and a lack of strength.

When you consider the previous card it’s so accurate it’s stupid! Just the fact that I was considering stopping writing – giving up on a dream I’ve had my entire life and been working on for the past 8 years is awfully immature. To throw in the towel just because I’ve not  been handed a book deal? Pathetic.





3rd card: Future: The Empress [Reversed]

Image result for the empress tarot hermetic

Reversed this card represents a lack of interest, inaction and a lack of concentration. I took this card to mean this was my potential future if I didn’t bounce back from my funk and, after seeing this card, I kicked myself into touch.

I can’t continue to  be unbalanced and, for me, the only way to get over something is to steam through it. I always tend to linger on the edges of things that trouble me, like I’ll find an answer just standing still but I know it never actually works.





I’m trying to better my understanding of reading the cards and also take other things into account. The night I did the reading Venus was visible in the sky with the moon, which happens every eight years. In Tarot The Empress is ruled by Venus, which is spooky. I’m not 100% sure how to link that into my reading so if you know or get any insight please share!

I know some people would have disregarded the fact that all the cards were inverted. I like to take it into consideration, though. When one card is upside down it’s valid so why not all of them? I shuffled the deck and thought I’d put them down the right way around. The fact that they’re not? Surely just a show of how unbalanced my brain/soul is right now!





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