What do vegan creatures eat?

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When people find out I’m *shock, horror* vegan I tend to get the same reactions; Why? What’s the point? What do you even eat?!

For those not interested just click away now – this is going to get boring. If you’re interested in the last question please read on. If you’re more interested in the first two questions just click HERE.

I think people tend to think vegan’s are all super skinny, super healthy people. I’m here to tell you… I wish that was true! haha. About the healthy part. I don’t care about being skinny, bro!

The truth is there are so many alternatives to naughty food out there now you don’t have to miss out on anything [unless you want to find something that tastes like meat because NOPE, but also… why would you? Blargh!].

Here’s a list of my usual food things:



wholewheat toast with margarine and either marmite or just almond butter. [because most bread is vegan and there are loads of margarine spreads that have NO dairy in whatsoever].

If I don’t have toast I make a fruit smoothie with berries and bananas, almond milk, agave nectar and a couple of scoops of flaxseeds.


Sometimes I am a terrible person and make CHEAP non brand noodles and mix in paprika, celery salt and pepper because I love noodles too much! Most of the time I try to have soup! There’s a lot of soup which is vegan, you just have to check the label! I pretty much always have a small wholemeal pita bread with some humus and then 4 dates for desert. Dates are my chocolate; probably just as bad for you but I can’t stop.


varies, obviously. I always have pasta one night a week with a tomato sauce with mushrooms and any other vegetable I can fit into it.

I cook a lot and so I make things like Vegan Jambalaya, Buddah bowls, vegetable stew with vegan sausages. I tend to eat whatever I cook for my boyfriend but just replace the meat for… no meat? I suppose that’s all I can say. If you know someone who just eats meat and nothing else I’m worried for them but most meals are made up of other food so I tend to just eat the other food! I can even have takeaway food – my local pizza place’s bases are vegan and so I just have them without cheese. They actually have vegan cheese but it’s not the best one. There are good vegan cheeses out there; you just have to find the one that you like the taste of! I like coconut cheese but that’s just because coconuts for life.

When it comes to naughty snacks it’s true you can’t partake in cake sales and the like [probably better for you!] but that’s not to say you can’t get vegan cakes and cookies in stores. I have found plenty and I actually have to steer clear of the vegan aisle in the supermarket near me due to the temptations!

I feel like I should have made a real list of things I’ve eaten recently but I’m terrible at planning!

If you’re vegan and struggling or thinking of going vegan and want to know about alternatives to things hit me up! I can guarantee you it’s not actually as hard as you think!





2 thoughts on “What do vegan creatures eat?

  1. I think if I was single I would be vegetarian for sure…maybe full blown vegan. I know you aren’t single–but for me that is what makes the difference. Meat is very hit or miss for me. There are a lot of things I won’t eat for texture (not so much taste), although sometimes taste is the problem. Like my bf made a tenderloin and I just had a few bites and now I’m turning it away. Texture bad and taste bad.

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    1. It’s tough sometimes so I get it! I cook for both me and Brian every night because I love cooking – you have to be damn dedicated to it. Thankfully food is the only thing that keeps me going through the day so I don’t mind the hassle of cooking different meals! 😋😋😋

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