31 days of yoga wrap up!

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January always brings a surge of yoga into my life as I tend to do whatever new year yoga workshop Adriene comes up with on her Youtube channel!

This year was 31 days of Yoga Revolution and I loved it. However… being that I feel heavily off the yoga wagon AGAIN by the end of last year I found it really difficult.

31 days of Yoga Revolution mixed easy practices with difficult ones. I probably found things I used to find easy a lot more difficult, mostly because my mind/body link is broken right now!

I did feel like I was getting back to where I felt good, though. I always think it’s so easy to forget how good yoga is for every aspect of life. It’s like when you start eating sugar and junk again and you think eating healthily was great but you don’t mind having crap every now and then and then you get back to clean eating and realise you were an IDIOT. That’s how I feel about yoga.

At the start of January even Cat/Cow pose was tough for my wrists [I have trouble with my wrists with yoga, anyway] and my usual fave warrior poses felt stiff in the hips, like I was pointing in the wrong direction every time.

I missed two days and doubled up the videos when I got back on the matt [purely falling off because I was out ALL day on both days] and, eventually, my stances felt stronger and my transitions smoother. My downward dog found ease rather than strain… OK, this only happened once but it reminded me I know how to do them better so maybe one day I’ll find my peace with it again!

One thing I definitely found by the end of it was my breathing getting SO much better. I have asthma and have done forever. I don’t often use my inhaler now but I do struggle to breathe deeply and evenly. I tend to let my body do what it needs to do. Even when I run [I’ll get back to that soon, I promise!] I let my lungs just do whatever they want and try not to focus too much but finding control in breathe is something I want to be able to do at some point in my life!

I’ve taken the 31 days and rolled them over in Feb. I might not get to every day but I’m back to regular practice because I love it. I actually love just rolling on the floor and saying it’s yoga, ok?

Did anyone else do 31 days? How was it for you?




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