Bopo? What the chuff is Bopo?

#BOPO is a new thing on the internet and I like it. Kind of.

It stands for Body Positive and, in a lot of ways, it’s great.

Body positivity is something most people struggle with, sadly. How many people do you know would have a handful of things they’d say they wish they could change about themselves, if they could? I hate our current social climate; magazines which go above and beyond to share not only people’s weight loss stories but also stories on how much weight they’ve put on [and feel equally great/terrible about it]. This culture on body image is gross, to be honest. I have spoken about this before and could probably talk about it all day but I won’t!

The hashtag is great because it does highlight how there are so many body shapes and sizes and it also hightlights how happy the people who own those bodies are. What it doesn’t do, though, is remind people that the people in the pictures are people. Who probably don’t always look THAT GOOD, even at whatever size they are. It doesn’t show you how far people have come to get to that stage.

Obviously, I love the fact that, despite those things it’s pulling people together and showing them that real life isn’t about how many rolls of fat you have but how it doesn’t matter. At all.

If you want to get on board with this and see what it’s all about here are my top 5 body positive people/aacounts you should look up.

Meghan Tonjes

Image result for meghan tonjesMeghan is a youtuber, singer/songwriter, podcast, body positive queen. She’s been on the interwebs for a long time and she’s always preaching the good word. I’m sure she gets a lot of crap for it but she’s honest AF and also hilarious.


bodyposipanda [megan crabbe]

Image result for megan crabbeMegan is coooool. Look at her damn hair! I only recently found her and love her Instagram account as well as her blog. She’s a survivor of anorexia and uses her recovery as a platform to inform people on the dangers of eating disorders whilst simultaneously shouting about BOPO!





Don’t hate the shake

Both an Instagram account and a hashtag for people of all shapes and sizes where the only requirement is to shake dat ass and embrace everything that moves.



Image result for bek_rox yogaBek’s instagram account is a fave of mine. She’s all about yoga but she’s not got what the internet tells us is a ‘yoga body’. Except she does, if you understand yoga isn’t about being skinny but being strong and flexible.

I often have moments where I try to do yoga and think it’s not possible for me to do a certain pose because I’m ‘too big’ but I know that’s dumb and Bek reminds me to keep trying.



Ashley Graham

Image result for ashley graham instaIf you don’t know who she is you need to get on board. She’s a model who is making waves [she was on sports illustrated… waves… sports… I tried] with her body positive message. She has all the social media links and a fancy website – check her out!








These accounts don’t preach being larger but they do encourage you to love who you are NOW. Your life is a journey, your body is a manifestation of your journey. It will change, as you do. Love it, no matter what, ok?



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