The Lost Images

A while ago I wanted to start taking pictures of old parts of the town I live in and colours that I could find that may have been overlooked.

Ever since I got this book years ago from my boyfriend I have had this thing in the back of my head. It’s not a new concept, in fact, the very first photography book I got in my teens set a similar project of looking for colours – which I’ve done in this post – easily done with nature but a more fun challenge when you’re trying to find things just ‘out there’ in the world!

Like some projects I start I didn’t complete it because weather and laziness. I did stumble on these pictures on my phone though and wanted to post them before deleting them.



I love finding the old lamp posts that are dotted around – painted over but time, rust and lack of care mean they stand out more than they are probably meant to. I like it. I want to find more! When the weather gets better I’ll try to do a little bit more exploring of my local area just to see how many more old things are knocking around!


I don’t know what it is about this fence that I love! Apart from the fact that it’s cornflour blue and a delight! More people need to start painting fences different colours! This was going to be part of my colour study for just random things that stood out but it was the one and only thing I took a picture of. Shame, really! I’ll try to pick it up again when it starts to get warmer. I can’t stand being cold so walking around taking pictures is not on my itinerary for the next month or so!

I have a cute little digital camera which I should start using more for these things but my dad has it and has done for ages, which is annoying! I also have a great DSLR which is my pride and joy but this little computer I use can’t process the image sizes! *sigh*

At some point I’m going to need to get a real computer…



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