Bad Ass Woman : Brit Marling [ft. The OA]


For a few years [read: since 2011] I’ve had this thing about Brit Marling.

Not only a fantastic actress but a woman who is writing her way into the Boys Club of Hollywood in a way that speaks to me!

It’s not enough that she’s co-written a few fantastic projects with her friend Zal Batmanglij but it’s the type of projects she’s been writing. I’m not saying I subscribe to the idea that women tend to write comedy but [perhaps it’s just because I haven’t done enough research] she’s one of the only women I know of who is writing sci-fi’s and psychological thrillers which is COOL.

Since 2011 she has released Another Earth, Sound of my Voice and The East. All having this ability to take your mind to a place of questioning. A place of ‘What If’s’, where you wonder what is actually real in the world. Her writing is complex and the way she plays the characters is wonderfully understated.

When I saw the recent release of the Netflix Original Series The OA I had to watch it and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I will say right now, it’s not for everyone. I will also say, right now, that I can’t really tell you much about the story because it’s much more fun to discover it on your own.

What I will say is that after watching it Brit Marling has become one of my all time favourite writers. The full blown imagination that has gone into the story is inspirational to anyone who writes – if you want to have your brain blown into smithereens go for it and let me know what you think!



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