Social Media Updates [aka Goodbye, Scumbag Sam]

As part of the new year and wanting to work on this blog I decided I wanted to smooth out my online ‘brand’.

Urgh. I hate using that word but it is what it is.

I am in the process of weening myself off social media for personal life stuff [not fully, just taking a giant step back from over-share, over-load city] and using it more to support this place.

That being said I’ve now, hopefully, updated my social media outlets to tie into the Pretty Thoughtful image.

‘Why are you telling us this?’ you might ask. The answer is… just to keep you in the loop.

I’ll be blogging about this more in the next week or so; I want to downsize my life and become more minimal. I waste a lot of time online and I don’t want to anymore. By making my social media a part of this blog I hope to be able to cut out the bad habit of always checking it and always feeling like I should be posting pictures of what I’m doing. I cringe at myself, sometimes, but that’s another story about how I find everything in life embarrassing.

Anyway… onwards and upwards. Hopefully I’ve caught everything and the new links work. Hopefully I’ll mostly be posting things relating to this little place more than just posting about nothing.


Just for ease I can confirm I’ve updated Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

Let me know if you’ve gone through this change before – did it help?


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