2017 Goals


I know, it’s annoying to read about other people’s ‘resolutions’ for the new year but I will forever set myself goals for the year! I can’t help it! Blogging about what I want to do also means I have to be accountable so let’s get to it.

I was really happy with my goals last year and I managed a few of them really well. I, possibly, always set myself too many tasks to complete because I like to be busy with projects all the time. This year isn’t any different, sorry to report!


Draw and sell pictures on Etsy

I’ve wanted to do this for a while and after Inktober I realised I could do it pretty easily. I’ve already set a few things in motion for this [you’ll know more when I have more to tell] so it will be fun to give it a go. I’m not expecting loads of money or sales but I still like to give things a chance. 

Keep looking for an literary agent

I contacted three agents last year and got three resounding voices saying ‘No!’ I’m not bothered – getting an agent is notoriously difficult, it’s like trying to find an actual human on a dating app [so I imagine]. I’ve already drawn up a new list of agents I’d love to represent me and my first novel so… finger’s crossed for this year. 

Finish Etta Part 2 [title to be revealed later] and self publish

Whilst I’m working on a real writing job writing for myself, like with Etta and another series I’m working on, is a nice retreat into not having to care too much about the end result. I’m really proud of myself for self publishing last year so this year I’ll attempt Etta 2 [and 3, hopefully] and publish them ASAP.


Last year I managed a lot more yoga. This year I’m trying for more. Trying being the operative word. It’s all about setting the time aside but I always find TV shows to watch instead… I’m just looking to be flexible again!


Yes, again, hoping to actually get over my fear/laziness and ride my bike on the streets! [Does this not scare anyone else?]

Keep looking for a new job

Whilst I want to write for a living [and I hopefully will, at some point] I know it will take time and I have bills to pay, man. I am so bored at my current job and need something new to learn so I’m still looking for the right opportunity.

Spend more time with friends

I’m not great at this, mostly because I like being alone or with my boyfriend, but I know I need to spend more time with friends. That doesn’t mean I want to go out and drink [because gross] but I want to do more fun things and go on adventures with people.

Read more

I went through years of my life reading 30-50 books a year and then 2016 happened. I had too many projects and too many life things going on that I only managed a handful of books and most I’d read before! This year I’m on a quest to use my local library and get a few books a month.

Run again

I know I said less running last year but that turned into NO running and I like running. Not outside, though, because my knees are terrible [thanks genes] but on a treadmill because I LOVE TREADMILLS. 

Take more breaks

Both from work [I never take time off because I’m weird] and from life. I already have a trip to London booked but I want to go away more, even if it’s just a day trip. 

Finish the office

I need my office to be up and running but it’s a bigger job than we originally thought. Hoping to have it done by the next couple of months and then I can stop living my life from the sofa. 

Make more blog connections

If there’s one thing I love as much as writing a blog it’s reading other people’s. I already have a few blogs I have good relationships with but I want to find other like minded folk and grow this little thing. 

Work on my ‘brand’

I have so many social media platforms it’s hard to keep up. I want to cut some and also work on getting my online persona lined up [so watch this space for name changes and re-designs].



Let me know if you are setting goals – link me to them if you wrote about them!



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