Cruelty Free Beauty/Make Up

I’m still on my quest to CF my makeup bag and life, in general. It’s not like going vegan [where you can do it in a day], it takes time to learn about products and companies, which I’m sure you’ll know all about if you’ve ever done it.

I have a few items I’ve been using which I wanted to talk about so let’s get started.


The be all and end all of vegan/ cruelty free beauty products! I had a little bit of a dip into their Harrogate store the other day and, as well as purchasing some bath bombs, I bought myself a cleanser and toner [and a face mask] which I love.


Ultrabland is thick and moisturising. Smearing this onto my face for the first time was a bit gross because I don’t like sticky products. That being said I now LOVE using it. It really feels like it’s taking the crap off my skin gently. The absence of harsh chemicals is important to me as well because my skin is so sensitive I need to start taking care of it.


I have the tea tree toner but went for the salty Breath of Fresh Air which is definitely refreshing. After the Ultrabland a quick spritz of this takes away any excess and leaves my skin ready for whatever else I throw at it.




I’ve only recently found ELF products. I’m not one for buying makeup online because, you know, you can’t test them out, but I took the plunge on a few!


This primer is really nice. It’s not the best I’ve used but it’s a nice one to start with whilst I keep checking the market. It has green tones which keep redness at bay, apparently. I don’t think I suffer from enough redness for me to tell, and I don’t think there’s enough pigment in the product to really do anything, but it’s soft and comfortable on the skin. It doesn’t sink in very well, though, which is what I like from a primer. I want something which makes my skin dewy but I think this product sits on the skin too much making it too ‘satin’ like for what I want. I don’t use foundation, though, so maybe it would be different if I did? Concealer does go on well, though, and I do find it helps it last for the most of the day, I just wish it sank in a little bit more! Application is great, though, and it’s a pump rather than a squeeze tube so you can’t accidentally use too much!


This is the concealer and highlighter set, which I bought due to reviews. I like it. It’s actually lasting me a long time. The highlighter will last forever but mostly because it’s TOO GLITTERY. It’s not just a shimmer so I have to be careful where I put it. I’ve gotten to the point where I looked at myself in the mirror at the end of the day and realised I’d just had a sparkly face forever. Not the look I’m going for! The concealer is smooth and, thankfully, pale enough for my skin tone [I got it in Fair] but you don’t get a great cover. It’s more like a Touche Eclate than a concealer so I sometimes have to dab on the thicker MAC Studio Finish concealer I’ve used for a million years just to hide those dark circles and any BIG spots that pop up every now and then. If anyone knows of any thicker concealers that would be fab!

I really want to try ELF eyeliner and mascara but I’m going to look into reviews a bit more first – whilst I love what I got from them I also feel like they’re missing something? Still, affordable and reliable, I’ll use them for a long time!


wp-1482937748546.jpgWho doesn’t love NYX? I have two lipsticks from them, now, this one is by far my fave [Aria]! Affordable and great pigment and colour selection. I need to get more but the store is PACKED every time I go. I am not one for standing in a crowd, shopping like a maniac, so I’ll wait until it’s calmed down or I’ll buy more online when I feel the need!


I also have this Lingerie liquid lipstick which I like but the colour isn’t for me. From what I can tell they’re all dark so I’m looking for a lighter natural colour to wear on a daily basis.


Manic Panic

Remember when I got a pack of products from those lovely folk at Manic Panic Uk? Well they didn’t just send me hair products; they also sent me a lipstick and I’M A CONVERT.


I didn’t even think to shop with them for beauty products but I LOVE this lipstick so much. It’s their Glamnation line, in the colour Naked Under Leather, and it’s the creamiest, nicest smelling, lipstick I’ve ever had. It’s smooth and moisturising and neutral AF. Sadly it’s a little too orange for me to wear full-on so I use it more like a coloured lip balm instead. It’s just heavenly. I’m going to look into more colours and products ASAP!

As you can tell – I am still looking to replace almost everything in my makeup bag. Finding mascara, eyeliner and blusher is next on my wish list so let me know if you know, you know?




Quick disclaimer; I’m still learning. If I get something wrong just let me know. If I fail to live a totally CF life please understand changes take time. 


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