Christmas Gifts

Is it tacky to talk about the gifts you got? Probably.

Am I going to do it anyway? Yeah.

My friends and family got me some great things this year and I wanted to share them with you – I haven’t photographed everything because I lazily only took pictures of what was in the room [go, me!] but let’s take a look.

wp-1482933274764.pngMy sister bought me this amazing gift – a drawing of a beagle which looks JUST like Juno. I mean, yeah, all Beagles look similar but, still.wp-1482929322655.jpg

Finally got Mario Maker for the WiiU. I’ve been wanting it for a while so here’s to a new gaming obsession.


A few bits and bobs – a collection of grown up Enid Blyton books and a bottle of witch hazel which I’ve had on my wish list for a while so I can start making room cleansing sprays.


You know you’re getting old when your ‘little’ [27 year old] brother buys you whisky.


A few books – not my usual book haul for Christmas, as it’s usually YA books I get, but I got my hands on Lauren Graham’s novel and memoir as well as a book on Whisky [brother, again] and the classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.


Brother and sister gifts. I’m 31.


A box of Eos lip balms from my parents. Whilst not CF [due to links with China] I added these to my list before that came out. Going CF is a process, sorry.


A few CD’s. Yes, I still use CD’s. I very rarely download music. I’m all for having singalong sessions in my car so I finally have the Sara Bareilles’s Songs from The Waitress [which I’ve been hammering for a while but not in the car!], Vanessa Carlton’s recent album and the Hamilton OST for similar reasons to The Waitress!


Geek alert – I loved this movie. A LOT.


I have this CD and I have been streaming from Spotify whilst pottering around the house. This soundtrack has been with me since it’s release in 2007. Here we are, almost 10 years later, and I’m dropping the needle on it. Classic.


Because my venture into Stars Hollow will never be over.


Hope you enjoyed this showcase of spoilty. I’m sticking with that made up word because I think it’s accurate.



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