2016 goal review

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At the start of this year I did a 2016 goal blog post – halfway through the year I did a quick recap to see where I was up to and now… well, scarily, the end of the year is upon us so I guess I should see how well I’ve done now we’re finally able to say SO LONG to the worst year in recent history.

Side note; I love how EVERYONE is on board with 2016 being a bad year. Not just because of celebrity deaths [which I find trivial to say the least [in a non harsh way] but because it’s just been AWFUL for life stuff.

That being said, good things have happened [like buying my first home] and self publishing my first short story – now lets’ see how well I’ve done with the tasks I set myself!

Finish editing my first novel.

I did! I finished the first full length novel I started years ago [the edits have taken me a long time. It’s been re-written a fair few times]. I’ve started scouting for agents, it’s all moving. 

Edit my 2nd novel and start working on the 3rd in a series I’m working on.

Nope and nope. The first part is due to technical issues. I need a FULL PC to do edits which I haven’t bought this year because I don’t have my office set up yet. It’s high priority in 2017. The 2nd part is in the making but my brain needs to work out the kinks. 

Do as much yoga as possible.

I could do MORE yoga, that’s for damn sure, but I think I did this. I had a few months where I did yoga every day. A few months where I did none but in the months I did none I was practising breathing A LOT and I was playfully working on things rather than churning out full practices. I went to a YOGA workshop with my Kula and all time fave Yogi, Adriene, so this was a good year for me.

Take my bike out. 

I didn’t, at all. My bike is still in the shed at my parents house. Once my garage is cleared out I’ll move it to my new home and ride. This year flew by and I failed!

Take more photos and play more with filming.

Yes and no. I started this year doing Project 365 [search the tags for the posts] but I didn’t keep it up. When I moved I was busy doing other things and taking a picture for the sake of it didn’t feel fun anymore so I didn’t pick it back up. I did take a lot of pictures for myself, though, and bought a new [old] film camera which I need to develop so I can post about it!

Run less, play more.

Ha! I ran less, yes. My knees can’t take running outside all the time [we bought a treadmill which is so much better for me], play more? I think I played more! This year I tried to get better at Samurai training and I did a throwing star training day, which was brilliant. I did a few fun dance work outs with friends [which we need to resume!] so I’m happy I completed this but I could do better!

Make more connections with people and write letters!

I wrote letters, I made good connections. I need to work on both, still, but I made a good start!

Write a screenplay for a short film.

I didn’t, but I have cultivated some good ideas so, for me, that’s half the battle. 

Get a new job or start making money by making things!

I should have written ‘look for a new job’ because I did that a lot! I found a lot of good experiences and I went for them all. I didn’t get any of them but that’s life. I have no experience in the working world of creatives and so if I was to find a job it would be because someone would be giving me a chance… people don’t do that often. I made money making things, though, and next year I’m planning more!

Blog more. 

Hit some bumps and still working on a proper blog schedule but I did this well and I built up a good readership this year! 


All in all? I’m happy with the progress I’ve made! I’m writing my 2017 goals list now so look out for that in the new year!




One thought on “2016 goal review

  1. I got a new phone so I can have things like snapchat. And I recently got a new laptop. I know it sounds silly but I think having better tools to connect with people and to make things is gonna make my 2017 so much better.

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