Manic panic / mermaid dye & review

I was lucky enough to receive a goody bag from the lovely folk at Manic Panic (UK) – I’m not going to lie… I asked for some hair dye to try and tell you about. 

Manic Panic are cruelty free and have so many good products it was hard to choose what to ask for. In the end I decided on Mermaid dye because who doesn’t want mermaid hair?! What was a nice surprise was that they didn’t just send me the colour but also bleach for my horrendous roots and toner! ( I also got a lipstick but more on that at a later date!) 

I’ve never used their bleach before but I loved it. The pack contains a brush, mixing bowl, powder and developer as well as a set of gloves.

Being honest the bowl isn’t huge so if you’re making all the bleach up (like I did; I have a lot of hair) it’s not really big enough so if you have your own bowl I’d use that. The gloves are also those massive ones that are so unhelpful it’s probably better to get ones that fit around the wrist! 

The bleach itself, though, is fantastic! I’m a convert. I’ll use this product again and again. It’s so easy to apply. The brush is decent, if not a little short at the parting end (but, again, I have a lot of hair so it’s probably fine for normal haired folk). With all the other bleach I’ve used I always felt like it took ages to develop, like it wasn’t strong enough but not this stuff. My hair took the bleach better than ever! 

Dem roots!

My hair was really grown out it was annoying! After bleaching and toning… with plastic caps between both treatments, my hair was the lightest it has ever been, I think! 

Toned… and bald.

I love this toner but I do feel like I should always leave it on longer! It makes my hair really soft and conditioned but I get really impatient by this point of the process! My hair doesn’t like to be light, it’s a struggle, so I normally have to tone a few times. The bottle I have will do me another go so if you have mid-length hair you will probably also get two goes from it. Anything longer I’d say you’d use the whole bottle. It’s worth it (plus it’s not that expensive; prices at the end). 

The next step was to mermaid my hair which, awfully, I didn’t take a picture of! It’s easy as anything, though. The colour is really bright. I popped some into my clean mixing bowl and then applied it to the parts I wanted to colour. You can’t really go wrong! The thing I love about manic Panic colours is that you get the colour on the bottle. After 40 minutes I cold washed my hair and… well, voila! 

I did the underneath and then I blended the top layer so it was dip dye. It’s a lot brighter in real life! Plus I didn’t even use half the tub (and they sent me two) so I have enough to keep me topped up for a long time! 

I haven’t washed my hair yet so I’m not sure how it will fade but keep up with me on Instagram to check!

All in all A plus! I love how bright Manic Panic is and after using the bleach I’m going to be using their products so much more! 

Let me know what you think of the colour!!


Bleach kit – £11.99

Toner (virgin snow) – £14.99

Mermaid dye – £11.99


4 thoughts on “Manic panic / mermaid dye & review

  1. I love the green! I almost bought that exact color myself the other day when I was shopping for green dyes, actually. It looks like such a pretty color. I’ve never given their toner a try myself, but from the looks of how it worked for you, I might just have to. Your hair looks GREAT! 😀

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