Harrogate Holiday

Yes, to some [read: most] ‘Holiday’ means actually leaving the country. For me it just means getting away from the normal hustle and bustle [and the dog; sorry, Juno!] and the location doesn’t have to involve passport control.

Harrogate it actually one of my ultimate locations; it’s in North Yorkshire so 2 hours on a train from my house which is cool because train’s are the best form of transport…. No, it’s not because I like to imagine I’m on the Hogwarts Express…

It’s a cute spa town with great shops and restaurants as well as the cutest little cinema in the world. Whilst I normally take my proper camera with me to take snaps [I’ve been a fair few times because I plan on moving there at some point in my life so… practice?] I just used my phone this time out of absolute laziness so I’m sorry.


I booked into the coolest apartment in town [because all the other places I usually stay have stopped renting!] – The Royal Parade Apartments . There’s no real ‘bad place’ to stay in the town but I always stay on the same street so finding this place was perfect. In the centre of everything and utterly cool. Me and the boyfriend stayed in the top floor ‘Brooklyn’ apartment and the only picture I took was these chests because I managed to totally mess the place up within seconds which ruined any photo op!

I desperately want chests like this! (Hey oh!)


We were there Monday to Thursday and I think we only got one day where the sun shone for a few hours. I didn’t mind. Fog and old towns=perfect!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting Betty’s Tea Room [in the UK] you need to go. Pure old fashioned luxury.
Harrogate has great shopping but also great window shopping!


Favourite display EVER.


Treated to dinner at Jamie’s – couldn’t be happier there were Vegan options on the menu!!
I’d actually sleep in this shop window. 



There wasn’t really any opportunity for day pictures but it didn’t matter because there were lights on everything. Despite how busy this picture looks [above] the town was actually quiet. It has the best of everything, in my opinion. Food is great, shops are great, people are great. This is the place I want to move when I’m not tied to an office job and working on writing full time… look, you have to have dreams, ok?




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