Welcome back with Tarot!

It’s finally December! I bet you’re delighted to be reading this blog again!

If you’re just stumbling onto this now the jist of it is that I’ve taken a month off from blogging as I was working on not one but two projects for NaNoWriMo – one of them being the start of a novel and one of them being a short story for a larger project. Much fun was had, many restless hours of sleep were endured and I’ve come out of it with a short story I love and the first 47,550 words of a novel I think I like…

I’m glad to be back, though. Writing every day, whilst fun, is stressful when you still have to do your other daily chores… like work.

I wanted to do this as my first blog back as it’s fitting, really. A new start, fresh perspective, renewed energies. Tarot readings are great for reflection so, let’s reflect. [you might want to visit my previous reading here].

My lovely friend, Jessica [aka Foolish Oats on Youtube, Twitter, Insta, Facebook] recently said she wanted to start doing readings for other people. You should check out any of her social media thangs because she’s cool and lovely and soulful [that might be a strange thing to say about someone but so what!].

To cut a short story shorter she did a reading for me and emailed me the results and I feel like, with the end of one month and the start of another, it’s a great time to share. The reading was pretty accurate and confirmed I’m on the right track which is nice of the universe!

She just did a one card spread, which I’m a fan of – it’s straight to the point, no messing around.

The card that appeared was the King of Wands – a card which indicates my creative activities are going to lead me down a difficult path but, being the damn king, means it’s possible to overcome the adversity. Jessica puts it a lot more eloquently and I’ve attached the reading at the bottom if you’re interested!

There was also a tapped card [which is one not pulled but presents itself in the reading anyway] of the Six of Pentacles – a card which points towards success and wealth.

The reason I found the reading so pleasing, aside from the obvious, is because I have put myself and my writing out there recently and I’m hoping to hear back from people about things. The cards are saying that at least something is due to come from it. I’m sure it won’t be what I expect, but that’s life!

December is usually a month which I don’t put any stock in. It’s the month I STOP writing and just rest… I’m not doing that this year because I have too many projects which are exciting and hopefully prosperous.

Thank you to Jessica for doing my reading! And thank you for letting me share it!








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