Yoga workshop with Adriene Mishler  

I’m writing this post 24 hours after the event and still I have what can only be described as a yoga high.

Yesterday I took the train into Manchester after work to attend a live yoga session with Adriene of YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene.
I’m pretty sure I’ve already blogged about her and so I won’t go into too much detail about her but you should check out her videos. She is the main reason I took to yoga so much years ago. She’s kind of my yoga master who can make me laugh out loud whilst watching her videos so imagine my joy when she was as hilarious IRL.

I go to yoga class often and I enjoy it but never before have I felt the energy I felt last night. There was no awkwardness of doing yoga in a room full of 400 perfect strangers/yoga mates. There was only excitement and a feeling of being with friends.

I’ve recently been practising gathering and centering my chi and I have to admit I might have purposefully taken some of that excess energy with me last night. It was impossible not to absorb it and roll with it.

After the hour and a half practise, which ended with a lovely meditative savasana, me and my friend Christa queued to meet her because how could I not? It was more than worth the wait to get to thank someone you consider a friend in person. To hug the woman who introduced me to a group I love interacting with on a regular basis. 

I’m sure I’ve missed something here but basically if you ever get the chance to do yoga with a group like that or even with Adriene herself; do it! 

Also – a few notes. The teachers who helped with the whole rodeo were great and helpfully walked the floor with Adriene to make alterations in postures and the tour manager, Geoff (Jeff? People spell names differently and it hurts my brain), was a hoot and a half. Also… never take a mat that is slippery. It’s never helpful to feel your downward dog begin to turn into a hot dog as your hands and feet slip further and further apart… 
Sorry if this is super cheese! 



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