3 card tarot spread

I have been meaning to start a little tarot spread series for a while but never quite get around to taking the time to do it. I’m not sure how many of these I’ll post but I’m a believer in Tarot for the development of inner understanding. I have a pretty decent ‘third eye’ but in order to really use intuition in life you have to take the time to practice it. That’s what Tarot is for me, anyway. I’m sure there are a million people out there, all with different ideas!

Anywho. Today I did a simple 3 card spread; Past/Present/Future and my main question was ‘What should I be focusing on?’

The reason I directed my thoughts this way is because I’ve been feeling a bit down when it comes to personal development and projects [such as writing]. I know that these phases of ‘blargh’ hit us all every now and then but because of it my concentration and my moods have been all over the place. I had a reiki session this morning which I feel has helped me get back on the path but I figured re-affirming my direction with Tarot would help, too.

[I apologise for this post as it might be long winded, I also don’t mind if you read this and think it’s utter crap – each to their own!]

So – let’s get into it!

I have been using the Hermetic Deck:

I really like this deck and this particular one has lovely designs. It’s always worth checking out a few different decks to see which images speak to you. For me this one was great – there’s loads of stuff in it I don’t yet understand enough to work into my readings but it is mostly straight forward and includes mythology as well as astrology so it’s fun!

The first step is always to shuffle – which I always do as much as I can but I do tend to get the same suits coming up in my readings! This time they were all Major Arcana… I swear I shuffled a lot!

After splitting the deck in two I pulled three cards: Past, Present and Future.

This is one of the most basic ways of doing a Tarot spread, though if you’re in a rush it’s sometimes fun to just pull 1 card and see what it says about your day!

The first card representing past was The Last Judgement.

wp-1476542126844.jpgHopefully you can tell from this picture that it’s upside down. That happens sometimes and usually reflects a card’s opposite function.

The Last Judgement depicts a man blowing a trumpet with another man climbing out of a grave. There is also an angel flying upwards towards the heavens. The card is a fire card and, showing the final judgement from God, details the rising of souls. The day of reckoning. The meaning of the card is obvious; Judgement. Sentence. Determination. A final decision.

Sadly, mine was reversed which means; failure to face facts. Delay. Disappointment.

As with all cards you see the images and you determine what they mean for you. Sometimes it’s easy to figure out and sometimes the answers elude you. This was pretty easy! My whole ‘direction’ question was with regards to writing and this is a great example of my ‘past’. Disappointment. Trial and failure by fire.  Writing is always difficult but especially so when you don’t see any movement or direction in what you’re doing. Flogging a dead horse is a term that comes to mind. I think this card is pretty much proof of that.

The second card represents present and I got The Lovers.


This card depicts Andromeda chained to a rock being attacked by a dragon. Perseus is attempting to save her [as he would]! There is also the sign of Gemini in the bottom corner… but I don’t fully know how that ties in right now. The meaning of the card is: Inspiration. Motivation. Love. Beauty. Action. Impulse.

For me this card is a little bit confusing. The Lovers isn’t just about actual lovers and relationships but the duality of life and finding balance which, I suppose, is exactly what I’m struggling with right now! I’m throwing myself into new projects and searching for inspiration and motivation in many things. I see the dragon as the thing I’m warring against which is my confusion regarding my future endeavours.

The third and final card for my future was The Hierophant.


This card has a fair few symbols on it! There is an elephant and the sign for Taurus at the bottom which symbolises strength in foundations. The Hierophant is a figure of authority and wears a papal tiara; the  figure of the Pope is that of a teacher or a guide for those who need direction, a little bit fitting, right? Along with the Pope there are religious symbols such as a star which is the monogram for Hermetic truth and the seal of macrocosm (aka a man and his will/ reflection of the universe) and a star of David which depicts active/passive, male/female, yin/yang. The Hierophant also carries a triple crossed wand, representing knowledge essential to all the magical work that unites macrocosm and atop the wand are three rings which represent the three Aeons; Isis, Osiris and Horus.

The meaning of the card is: Divine wisdom. Manifestation. Ritualism. Teaching.

What is means to me is that I should rely on the balance I find in ritual. The Hierophant is a guide – how crazy lucky is it I got the card for my future? I feel like the card is telling me to stick with what I know and rely on the foundations of Taurus. Trust in the practise I’ve developed and take the three Aeons into account; what will be will be. Time is always moving on so don’t fight against it.


I don’t know – you can argue that the results are just what I want to hear but that’s kind of exactly why Tarot is good for you when you need to direct yourself. I have been trying to ignore the feelings of ‘blargh’ but now I know it’s time to shake it off and doing this little ritual is a physical way of moving forwards rather than just screaming to myself in my own head.

Let me know if you agree or let me know if you don’t. Be nice, though. Everyone is allowed to believe in whatever they want and whilst I know people DON’T think Tarot is anything other than ‘silly’ it doesn’t mean it doesn’t help people…




6 thoughts on “3 card tarot spread

  1. Don’t worry what others think. Trust me, if I would have listen to others, I would be boring.
    If these cards help you, then stay with it. If they help you to learn something new, then do it.
    You are young, try everything now, with no regret.
    I’m not a writer but, I still send my friends letters and make them laugh. I’m not a chef but, I still cook and don’t burn the house down. It’s all the way you look at it.
    Now you can say…oh geez mom..lol 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome. I love to read your blog, I just don’t want your friends to stop commenting after I have rambled on. It’s so important that they are part of what you are doing. Maybe one of them will find your cards helpful too.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the idea of this series 🙂 I don’t know much about tarot, I do have a deck though (Rider Tarot – maybe you’re familiar with it?). I’m curious, do you write the result on a notebook each time so you can go back and check if you interpreted it ‘right’?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah I have that deck, too. I like it 🙂 I don’t generally write the results but I’m starting to just so I can document the journey. I’m thinking it might help with future interpretations and help if I want to review the same questions again. It also helps me learn the cards 😉


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