Charity Shop Art

If you want to know the terrible truth it’s that I have lived in my home for 5 months, now, and the walls are still bare.

I’m not one to just buy pictures to go on walls and I don’t want generic artwork for the sake of decoration – for me finding art is like looking for a new home. You look and you look and then you just know when you find the right thing.

So imagine my surprise when I went into one of my local charity shops and found a gem.

I go into this shop often looking for perfect the-universe-wants-me-to-have-this furniture and instead I found this:


I think this is Mary Magdalane playing the Lute but I can’t for the life of me [and the 5 minutes I allocated to google it] figure out who the original artist is.

It’s obviously only a print [duh] but I love it. I have this thing about both finding things in charity shops and also finding old pictures for the walls so I can have a crazy, unique, gallery wall.


As we only have this one picture on the wall at the moment it kind of is like a gallery at the moment, which I love. That being said I’m now on a mad hunt to track down some accompanying pictures!


When it comes to frames I’m also equally picky. The amount of times I have been into a shop to get frames and felt uninspired by the bland frames. I hope I get lucky every time! If I could have a wall filled with different frames that are all as cool as this I’ll be happy!

If you have a gallery wall of your own tag me in Instagram so I can get inspiration [read:steal ideas].



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