I have been addicted to video games for as long as I can remember. Like all the obsessions in my life it comes and goes like the seasons. Whenever it gets to autumn I have an urge to start wasting all my time on games.

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Sometimes it’s back to Mario [in any variation], sometimes it’s Call of Duty [because running around and screaming are particular talents of mine] and sometimes it’s a free roaming game like World of Warcraft, Red Dead Redemption or Skyrim.

At the moment I’ve fallen back in love with Grand Theft Auto 5. When it first came out I liked it but didn’t really take the time to get to know the game. Over the past week or so I have played it A LOT. I mean stay up late, go to bed at 1am, go to work exhausted…

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It’s not just the story mode, either, I started playing online with other people and it’s amazingly fun/infuriating. My aim is to always make money so I can buy all the things but I can never make enough money because I buy all the things. How meta.

Sometimes there is nothing better than to relax and ‘waste’ time with a game. I’m also testing the waters with ARK on X Box One.

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It’s a Steam game [Steam is an online virtual console-type thing where you pay a subscription and play crazy games. Look it up, it’s great]. I used to have Steam until my computer died a death and I didn’t replace it so I’m glad they’ve moved this game onto X Box. Ever since my sister’s boyfriend told me about it I’ve been excited to give it a go.

It’s an MMO where your only challenge is to survive in a world with dinosaurs. It’s difficult, it’s scary, it’s hilariously infuriating… I think the Steam version is possibly better , as X Box gameplay has limitations that make it less than ideal [you can’t save a character as far as I know and have to start from scratch every time you play] but for a BETA version it has promise! Recommended if you like a challenge and dinosaurs. Just watch out for the damn Raptors.

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Tell me if you’re playing anything at the moment!




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