Favourite Vegan Recipes

It’s been 3 full weeks since I went vegan – after this week it will be a month!

It’s flown by but I also feel like I’ve been a vegan forever. In these weeks I’ve trawled and traipsed all over the internet to find some go-to meals to cook now I can’t be lazy and eat ready-meals every now and then!

Naturally I have a Pinterest board for all the food I’ve been coveting. I have a Pinterest board for every aspect of my life, it seems…

These are the things I’ve actually cooked and can confirm are DELISH!


Delicious Vegan BLT (the B is some smoky maple portobello bacon!):

The MLT; Mushroom, lettuce, tomato. It’s the veggie BLT and it’s delicious! I actually managed to randomly find the exact hickory sauce in the pictures and I can honestly say this is going to be a regular treat!














Avocado Pasta

Avocado Pasta - The easiest, most unbelievably creamy avocado pasta. And it'll be on your dinner table in just 20 min!:


I tweaked this one a little, to be fair. I added chilli’s, a little olive oil and balsamic and YUM. Covered in pepper, like all my pasta, I’m in love. I always use avocado but never thought to put it on pasta!
























Black pepper tofu

vegan black pepper tofu recipe. looks like a delicious way to add protein to a vegetarian diet!:


This is the most cookie-thing I’ve made recently because I have never really cooked with tofu. I actually picked the wrong kind [silk rather than the normal stuff] so it was more like lumpy sauce but the sauce itself is amazing. I’m sure once I understand the tofu beast I’m thinking I’ll be using it a bit more!




















Sweet Potato and Mushroom Curry

So now we know what kind of food they serve in heaven. It’s for surely gotta be sweet potato curry, for surely for sure. There just cannot be anything else. I’m not just talking about just any old cur:


Another recipe I’ve kind of tweaked; this is a sweet potato curry but I added mushrooms to mine. It’s as easy as getting a decent curry paste and finding a nice low fat coconut milk. I made this and on the first taste I decided it was my most favourite curry ever. Not even kidding. I plan on experimenting because I always have the same kind of curry – I’m going to try to be adventurous!







As a foodie and a wannabe stay home chef being vegan has actually been a blessing rather than a hurdle. Hopefully it will remain that way, too. With eating a plant based diet I’m actually learning more about nutrition so woohoo! I already feel healthier… I guess time will tell as to whether I look healthier!

Do be a dear and tell me about your favourite recipes if you’re vegan!



4 thoughts on “Favourite Vegan Recipes

      1. you eat way better than I do. not just cuz of the plant based thing, but colour and presentation and taste factor…however I did try a ginger root based glaze on my carrots yesterday so I am beginning to experiment lol

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