Curing a Nose Ring Keloid [bump]


The first time I got my nose pierced it was great; I didn’t suffer from any infections or any lumps and bumps. It healed really quickly and I considered my nose to be a thing of beauty and perfection.

This time I wasn’t so lucky. Well, I blame Juno but that’s just because she jumped on my face a few days after I had it re-pierced and  I’ve been fighting The Bump ever since.


If you have had a nose ring/stud or know someone who has you may have seen the unsightly blemish which looks like a spot but it’s not. Either way it’s gross!

Despite cleaning the thing twice a day with water/sea salt solution and applying tea tree oil the bump prevailed. I even tried steaming it which always left it a little bit better but not enough that it could be considered great.

I also tried applying heat and then cooling with an ice pack. DO NOT DO THAT. It didn’t work and was a desperate attempt which left my nose angry with me.

What I have found works? Aspirin/sea salt/tea tree oil.

I have spent a lot of time looking for quick fixes and this one seemed like the best option considering the videos I watched on Youtube – the idea being you crush up aspirin and mix it with sea salt and a little water or tea tree oil and then apply the paste like a tiny face mask but for your nose.

You leave the mask on overnight and let it crust over – I know, delish.

Now, my experience isn’t as great as some of the videos I watched. The people I saw claimed this method took their bump from gross to great overnight. For me it wasn’t that simple.

I’ve been applying the mask every night for 3 nights now and whilst it didn’t cure it immediately it has made it go down A LOT! I think I’m only a couple of nights off being totally bumpless and I’m happy.

I’m glad I didn’t abandon the method because it didn’t work on the first go!!

I don’t have pictures because I specifically didn’t take pictures of my bump because EW! but trust me! It really does help!




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