Knitting season

Hey! I’m allowed to be excited for autumn (let’s not talk about evil winter just yet) and with the change in season comes the need to start wearing scarves again.

A few years ago I taught myself how to knit. Nothing fancy, mind you! I only learnt how to knit scarves which is basically not that impressive but never mind that.

With my love of knitting also comes the love of long projects. I don’t knit quickly. In fact I’ve only ever knitted two scarves and they took me a year each. I don’t knit for anyone else but myself; I knit to do something creative and I don’t mind that it might take me a while to make something wearable!

Today I had a delivery from my latest wool purchase so I felt like I’d do this little blog post about it because it’s divine. The colours are perfect for autumn; a wine-coloured red and a melon-coloured orange. The shades both compliment each other and clash which I really like! There’s something about bright colours that are glaringly awkward that makes me enjoy autumn so much!


These two balls are from an Etsy shop BeautifulMayblossom – I couldn’t give a higher praise of the ordering/contact/shipment process. It was quick and friendly and I can’t wait to make yet another scarf which I might be able to wear this year!



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