Trees, man, trees!

I love trees. I take millions of pictures of trees. It’s just a thing.

I just figured I’d do a frivolous post about how much I love pictures of trees and share my wish/desire to go to see the REDWOODS in San Fran. I mean, that’s my ultimate goal. I was once very close to them but sadly too much alcohol was consumed and I basically never made it over the bridge… never mind that, though…

Some of my pictures of trees:




I actually went through a HUGE phase of photographing trees with my old manual camera. I have a box FULL of black and white pictures of trees which I hope to frame and put up in my flat at some point soon. That’s a post for another day, though!

I’ve been using my NEW old manual camera


– this beautiful Pentax ME Super –

and plan on taking a million new tree pictures so watch out for those!

For now I’m sticking with UK trees but the dream to see these babies still lives on




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